Lawn Aeration in Bakersfield

Producing a winning lawn takes more than a little fertilizing, mowing and watering. You have to ensure soil conditions are just right. But when compaction and thatch come into play, your roots and grass both take a hit. Lawn Doctor of Bakersfield provides the solution. With our lawn aeration services, offered in and around Bakersfield and Shafter, we can alleviate both, creating the healthiest conditions possible for a lush, beautiful lawn.

Aeration from Lawn Doctor of Bakersfield: What are the Benefits?

Your grass needs to breathe, eat, and stay hydrated in order to grow. But soil compaction and surface thatch get in the way of these critical and life-sustaining activities, hindering the flow of resources, including air, water, and nutrients, from moving into the root system. What causes them? Leading contributors include clay-based soil, extensive foot traffic, driving and parking vehicles on your lawn, and heavy rainfall. The end result is a lawn with poor drainage, patchy growth, and issues with pests, weeds, and diseases.

Whatever conditions you’re facing, we can help with our aeration services. Aeration cores out small soil plugs a few inches deep. This process offers a variety of benefits, including:

  • Openings that provide opportunities for more oxygen, water, and nutrients to get absorbed into the root system.
  • Soil compaction that gets relieved so roots have room to breathe and space to grow deeper.
  • On the surface, thatch is alleviated and will continue to decompose, so it no longer serves as a barrier, preventing vital resources from nourishing your lawn.

Once complete, your lawn will be able to grow in stronger and healthier, thanks to a more robust root system. It will also develop greater resistance to weeds, diseases, and pests, as well as improved tolerance to stress, from daily wear and tear to drought and heat.

Lawn Aeration Timing: When to Perform it & How Often

Depending on your lawn type, there are prime points during the year to aerate. If you’re not sure what these are, turn to the professional aeration team at Lawn Doctor of Bakersfield. We can identify grass varieties and recommend a schedule that will work best in your lawn. For warm and cool season lawns, aeration is best done in March and September.

Learn more about lawn aeration today by calling Lawn Doctor of Bakersfield at (661) 399-5296 for a free assessment.