Lawn Aeration in Auburn

before and after of lawn aeration in AuburnWhen your lawn’s growth slows, patches pop up or brown spots appear, it could likely be due to compacted topsoil. When your lawn’s soil is too tightly packed, it can constrict the flow of the oxygen, water and nutrients it needs to thrive and grow. When this happens, it can lead to the slow and steady decline of your lawn’s health. To reverse this process and loosen your lawn’s soil to allow for better circulation and increased root growth, turn to the experts at Lawn Doctor of Auburn-Opelika-LaGrange. With our comprehensive lawn aeration treatments, we help boost the health of lawns all over the Auburn, Opelika, Montgomery and LaGrange, AL areas.

When Lawn Aeration Becomes Necessary

Determining the best course of treatment for your lawn can be tricky, but there are a few telltale signs that your lawn could benefit from aeration. It can be a good indicator that your lawn is in need of aeration if it has one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Excessive levels of thatch
  • Vehicles or machinery parked on lawn
  • Compacting due to overuse
  • Damage from pets or children
  • Puddles form on lawn during light rainfall
  • Clay soil

Regular aeration can be crucial for lawns to thrive, but it is also important when the lawn is aerated. When you choose the proven lawn aeration services we offer at Lawn Doctor of Auburn-Opelika-LaGrange, you’re choosing custom-tailored treatments built around your lawn’s unique needs. We’ll develop an optimized aeration schedule to yield the best possible results and get your lawn back on the road to green.

How Our Lawn Aeration Treatments Help Auburn Area Lawns

Our lawn aeration treatments give your lawn a healthy boost by breaking up your soil and reintroducing the healthy circulation of oxygen, water and nutrients. Compacted topsoil can constrict your lawn and not only prevent your grass from freely accessing water, oxygen and minerals, it can also restrict and hinder the movement of your lawn’s root systems, which can lead to stunted growth. When we remove soil plugs from your lawn, we’re loosening the soil, allowing it to naturally diffuse and fill in the plugs to achieve a decompressed composition.

Call Lawn Doctor of Auburn-Opelika-LaGrange today at (334) 264-5296 to learn more about our lawn aeration treatments and schedule your free assessment. We provide proven lawn aeration services to home and business owners in Auburn, Opelika, Montgomery, LaGrange and the surrounding communities.