It’s Time for Tick Control in West Chester

Closeup picture of a tick from our Tick Control in West Chester

Ticks can get into your yard in a number of ways and are a danger to your family and pets. But with help from Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown, you no longer have to worry about bites and potential illnesses. We offer tick control services across West Chester, Media, and other nearby areas in Delaware and Chester County. You’ll have increased protection and more peace of mind.

How Our Tick Control for West Chester Area Homeowners Works

Over the years, the tick population has been on the rise. As a result, many homeowners across West Chester and other nearby areas worry about tick control and how to best safeguard their loved ones and pets. The answer is simple: with Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown’s Yard Armour® Tick Control program. It’s powerful and long-lasting because it takes a multi-step approach, one that includes:

  • Preventing ticks. Our team takes a proactive approach, treating ticks before they emerge in your yard.
  • Controlling ticks. If there’s already a problem, you never have to worry thanks to our all natural applications, which will cut numbers dramatically.
  • Maintaining ticks. We’ll return throughout the season, at carefully timed points, to provide ongoing defense.

In addition to powerful and long-lasting protection during the months ahead, Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown also provides information and tips on what you can do to further protect your yard from ticks. This includes making sure grass is cut regularly and pruning back trees, shrubs, and bushes, which provide shady spots where ticks like to hide.

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Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown is the local source across the West Chester area for tick control, from treatments to tips. It’s thanks to our proven approach and personal touch, all backed by over 35 years of experience. If you’re ready for more control and a better summer, our tick treatments are just a call away in many communities, including:

For effective and affordable tick control in West Chester, PA, contact Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown today and set up your free consultation and estimate!