Flea Control in West Chester

If you are a pet owner, you cannot afford to let your guard down when it comes to fleas, and the reason is simple. These small pests can attach themselves to your cat, dog, or other animal and create some serious health issues. With our professional flea control throughout the West Chester region, Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown can provide the trusted support you need to keep your pets protected.

Protecting Your Pets From Fleas

Our service is designed to destroy adult fleas along with their offspring. We take a complete approach to this issue in order to stay ahead of their breeding cycle and reduce ongoing issues. Our treatments have proven to eliminate the majority of adult fleas and cause a massive disruption to their reproductive cycle. However, when it comes to something so destructive, you can never be too careful. For this reason, we also encourage you to develop good flea-prevention habits. Here are our tips:

  • Reduce your pets’ outdoor time as much as you can
  • Try to limit their interactions with other animals
  • Give your pet a bath regularly
  • Conduct routine inspections of their fur for any flea eggs
  • Talk to your vet about flea prevention protocols

Our Guaranteed Flea Control Service for West Chester Residents

The problem with fleas is that they reproduce in a truly staggering fashion. At any moment in time, eggs, larvae and pupae make up nearly 90% of the overall flea population. This means there is always a massive influx of new fleas just around the corner. Any hesitation on your part will lead to a much more severe infestation, so it makes sense to secure our guaranteed flea control and enjoy quick results at an affordable cost.

As with all of our lawn care services, we cover our flea control with our industry-leading satisfaction guarantee. You can always count on Lawn Doctor of Aston-Middletown to provide detailed, efficient, and convenient service that gets the job done. We offer our flea control support throughout:

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