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About Our Lawn Services in Wilmington

Want the best-looking lawn on the block? Need a professional provider to achieve it? At Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co., we can help. As the Wilmington, NC’s proven choice for lawn services, we can get control over stubborn weeds, cut through soil compaction, nourish your grass, and keep your larger plantings healthy and strong. In the end, you’ll get a gorgeous green yard without all the hard work.

About Services From Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co.

At Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co., countless homeowners in Wilmington, Southport, St. James, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, Hampstead, and Brunswick Co. rely on us for high-quality lawn services. They know we treat every lawn we service like our own and are completely committed to delivering the most beautiful results.

Part of what makes us different is our local expertise. At Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co., our licensed technicians understand North Carolina climate conditions and growing cycles and seasons. For instance, they know how rainfall, temperature, time of year, environmental pressures, and other factors could be impacting your lawn and its overall health.

Also, we always take a customized approach to the lawn care we provide. That means beyond considering how general climate and growing conditions are affecting your yard, we’ll also get to know your unique lawn. We will evaluate it for grass varieties, soil quality, weed species, pest problems, and more, all so we can tailor our services to deliver precisely what your lawn needs to reach its full potential.

woman playing with puppy on grass treated by lawn services in WilmingtonSome of the lawn services Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co. can provide:

In addition to our many individualized lawn services, Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co. also offers ongoing care for your lawn. With our annual Lawn Maintainer program, your yard will receive the best of our weed control and fertilization applications. These are designed to infuse your lawn with a healthy dose of key nutrients at precise times of the year, while also keeping weeds thoroughly controlled and suppressed.

Our Lawn Service Guarantee for Wilmington Area Customers

At Lawn Doctor of Wilmington-Brunswick Co., our goal is to do more than simply deliver weed control and fertilization. It’s to produce healthy, strong lawns and happy customers. If, however, you don’t see the results you want, you can rest easy with our service guarantee. Simply give us a call and we will make it right.

Learn more about our lawn services for local customers in Wilmington, Brunswick Co., Wrightsville Beach, Hampstead, St. James, Leland, Southport, NC, and beyond. Simply call us today at 910.452.0090 to set up your free consultation. 

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