Lawn Aeration in Huntsville

grass treated by lawn aeration in HuntsvilleTo achieve healthy, consistent growth, in addition to maintaining and spreading their root systems, lawns depend on the constant circulation of water, oxygen and the nutrients and minerals that come from the soil. When the flow of one or more of these essential lawn elements is hindered, it can lead to the quick decline of your yard’s health. With the proven lawn aeration treatments offered by our team at Lawn Doctor of Harvest-Hazel Green-West Huntsville, we help boost the health of lawns all over the Huntsville, Meridianville, Hazel Green, Toney, Harvest and Gurley, AL areas.

When Lawn Aeration is Necessary

Lawn care can be tricky. While the best way to determine a course of treatment for your yard is with one of our complimentary lawn evaluations, here are some clues that your lawn may be in need of lawn aeration:

  • There are vehicles parked on your lawn
  • Your lawn is damaged from overuse, pets or children
  • There are patches or brown spots on your lawn
  • Your lawn has clay soil
  • Puddles form on your lawn during light rainfall

By choosing the lawn aeration services offered at Lawn Doctor of Harvest-Hazel Green-West Huntsville, you not only bypass the headaches of renting and operating a heavy and cumbersome aerator, you also get an optimized treatment plan. While it is important that your lawn is aerated, it is also important when your lawn is aerated. Aerating at certain times throughout the year will yield better results, and you can count on our technicians to perform your lawn aeration at just the right time.

How Our Lawn Aeration Treatments Help Huntsville Lawns

Compacted lawns not only restrict the movement of your lawn’s root systems, they constrict their access to the nutrients, water and oxygen needed to grow and thrive. When we aerate your lawn and remove soil plugs, we allow your soil to spread out, diffuse and decompress, allowing it more constant access to the elements it needs to survive. This process also takes pressure off of your lawn’s root systems, allowing them to develop for stronger, longer-lasting plants.

Call Lawn Doctor of Harvest-Hazel Green-West Huntsville today at (256) 722-1441 for more information on our aeration treatments and to schedule your free estimate. Our team offers comprehensive lawn aeration services to home and business owners in Huntsville, Meridianville, Hazel Green, Toney, Harvest, Gurley and the surrounding communities