Tick Control in Villa Park

Closeup picture of a tick found prior to providing Tick Control in Villa ParkTicks are unwanted in every yard. Unfortunately, their numbers seem to rise every year. Rather than worrying about bug sprays and tick checks, bite back against these disease-carrying pests with tick control from Lawn Doctor of Villa Park-Elmhurst-Oak Brook. We offer proven service that provides powerful and ongoing protection. Meanwhile, you can enjoy life outside and the peace of mind that comes with our treatments.

How Yard Armour® Tick Control Works

Bites from ticks can cause a range of serious illnesses, from Lyme disease to Rocky Mountain spotted fever and others. What’s more is that these small parasites are hard to detect and can hide in spots on your body like inside your ears or bellybutton.

Instead of stressing about them, let Lawn Doctor of Villa Park-Elmhurst-Oak Brook help control them with our Yard Armour tick program. With it, we’ll:

Educate you on best practices. Ticks get into your lawn on animals, as well as from nearby woods. They like conditions that are wet and shady. The best way to tick proof your lawn is to keep it well groomed, erect a fence or barrier, and use natural deterrents, like mint and lavender, that repel ticks. We’ll explain these and many other measures you can take to make your lawn less inviting.

Treat ticks where they live. Thanks to extensive experience, we know where ticks tend to congregate and we will treat these high-risk areas quickly and efficiently. We use proven technology and powerful products that deliver excellent results. If you’d prefer a natural approach, we offer organic treatments as well. Simply ask our team about them.

Keep ticks out all season. We’ll ensure ticks don’t make a comeback by returning to apply additional barrier sprays. These provide long-lasting coverage you can count on. You’ll be able to step outdoors with confidence knowing your lawn and the people you love are safe.

Tick Control, Backed by One of the Best Guarantees in Villa Park

Don’t let ticks threaten outdoor fun. Turn to the experts at controlling ticks, Lawn Doctor of Villa Park-Elmhurst-Oak Brook, and keep these pests in check. We’ll work hard to restore safety and comfort with our Yard Armour program. If you’re not happy with our results, we’ll even work to fix the problem with our satisfaction guarantee. It’s just another way we stand behind our service and our many happy customers.

With Lawn Doctor of Villa Park-Elmhurst-Oak Brook, you don’t have to worry about ticks in your yard. We offer our services in Villa Park, Elmhurst, Oak Brook, Westchester, Melrose Park, Franklin Park, Bensenville, Hillside, Berkeley, and nearby areas in IL.

Contact us today to find out more about our tick control in Villa Park.