Lawn Care Services in The Hamptons: Fertilization 101

Beautiful backyard and deck showing lawn care services in The HamptonsHaving a healthy, green lawn is the goal of every homeowner. And yet, getting there can be tricky if you’re not properly fertilizing your grass. As local lawn care service experts, Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons sees all kinds of problems due to mistakes with fertilization. Don’t let them happen in your yard. Here’s a look at a few common mistakes and how to avoid each one:

Mistake #1: Not knowing your soil’s pH level. Your soil pH should be between 6.0 and 7.0. Anything above or below hinders nutrient uptake, which is how plants capture essential resources in the soil. Simply conduct a soil test to determine whether you need to balance conditions first before fertilizing.

Mistake #2: Not checking for compaction. Are you seeing standing pools of water in your lawn after it rains? Are you noticing weak-looking grass? Do you have heavy clay soil or lots of foot traffic in your lawn? Then the soil could be compacted. These dense conditions will stop the flow of nutrients into the soil, meaning roots can’t fully absorb the fertilizer you apply.

Mistake #3: Fertilizing too much or too little. When you fertilize, you need to be mindful of the amounts you apply. Too much and your lawn could experience burns or rapid top growth without the root structure to support it. Too little won’t produce the healthy, vibrant lawn you want. Instead, it will continue to be deficient and vulnerable.

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Lawn Doctor of The Hamptons provides an easy path to nourishing your lawn with our lawn care fertilization services. You don’t have to worry about mistakes, like the ones above, or guesswork. Just put your lawn into our capable hands and let us customize the right solution for you.

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