Mosquito Control in Milton

dead mosquito after Lawn Doctor provided Mosquito Control in Milton

Your home’s outdoor spaces can quickly become infested with mosquitoes if they’re not effectively addressed, leading to your yard becoming a health hazard. Getting rid of these pests and keeping them out of your yard over time often requires help from the pros. However, when it comes to choosing the right professional program, it’s important to understand the steps of the process to get the most bang for your buck. Below, we’ll go through the different steps of our mosquito control process and give you a closer look at how we keep Milton, DE lawns safer through the seasons.

The Steps in Our Mosquito Control Process

There are three distinct steps in our mosquito control process that each individually contribute to a safer lawn and work together to bring you protection that lasts. Here’s a quick overview of these steps and how each of them reduce mosquito populations and bring you a summer lawn you can enjoy:

Surveying Your Property. To start the process, our team will come by and perform an in-depth analysis on your outdoor spaces. This initial analysis will allow us to identify and address risk factors like standing water. By addressing these factors early on in the treatment process, we’ll be able to bring you more effective protection.

Applying Our Products. After our technicians survey your property and address any outlying risk factors, we’ll apply our treatments to your yard. The products we use include an adhesive that bonds to the underside of the leaves in your yard, which is one of the most common places for mosquitoes to hang out. When mosquitoes land on these leaves to rest during the day, they’ll absorb the product through their legs.

Follow-Up Applications. To keep your yard protected from mosquitoes in the long run, we’ll return on a regular basis to perform follow-up treatments. We can apply these follow-up applications whether you plan to be at home during service or not, preventing you from being stuck at home during service and giving you a more flexible schedule.

Guaranteed Mosquito Control for Milton Residents

When you work with our team at Lawn Doctor of Sussex County, you’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with a comprehensive service guarantee. We cover all the services we offer to bring you top-notch results without the uncertainty and risk that come with DIY.

We offer guaranteed mosquito control to our neighbors located in the following communities:

  • Milton
  • Lewes
  • Millsboro/Long Neck
  • And throughout the surrounding areas

To learn more about our mosquito control in Milton, contact us today!