Lawn Care in Lewes

Lawn Doctor expert providing Lawn Care in Lewes

When it comes to your lawn’s overall upkeep, mowing is just one small part of the process. By working with our team of knowledgeable lawn maintenance professionals at Lawn Doctor of Sussex County, you just handle the mowing, and we’ll take care of everything else. With our comprehensive approach to lawn care, we help Lewes, DE lawns produce healthy, consistent growth throughout the seasons, while also protecting them from the wide range of threats that can pop up as the temperature changes.

Our Lawn Care Treatments in Lewes

At Lawn Doctor of Sussex County, we utilize an extensive list of treatment options to help your yard bounce back from the wide range of issues that can appear throughout the year. Whether your yard is being overrun by weeds or it needs a complete overhaul, our team has you covered. Here’s a quick look at some of our most popular treatment options:

Weed Control

Once weeds start taking over your home’s outdoor spaces, it can be tough to get them out without a helping hand from the pros. To keep your yard protected from these invasive plants and looking its best over time, we utilize comprehensive weed control treatments that target both grassy and broadleaf weeds. With this multi-faceted approach, we’re able to effectively keep these pesky plants out of your yard in the long run.


Without a steady influx of nutrients, your yard can have trouble producing consistent grass growth and staying healthy as the seasons go by. With our fertilization treatments, we’ll boost your yard’s nutrient density and give it the nourishment it needs to support healthy growth and fend off external threats like lawn diseases and weeds.

pH Balancing

The measure of acidity in your lawn, or its pH level, has a major impact on how it develops and grows over time. If your lawn’s pH fluctuates outside healthy levels, it can lead to long-lasting issues. We offer cutting-edge pH balancing treatments to make corrections and create an environment where your grass and other plants can thrive.

We offer cutting-edge lawn care solutions to our neighbors located all over the area. Here’s a quick look at our service area:

  • Lewes
  • Milton
  • Millsboro/Long Neck
  • And throughout the surrounding communities

Ready to get started with our professional lawn care in Lewes? To learn more about our service plans, contact us today!