Lawn Weed Control Service in Kyle

Are you frustrated that your once-beautiful lawn has been overtaken by unsightly weeds? If pesky weeds have become a problem, you may be in need of a professional lawn weed control service in Kyle. At Lawn Doctor of South Austin-San Marcos, we offer lawn weed control plans for homes throughout the Kyle area, including San Marcos, South Austin, Buda, and the surrounding communities. Our expert technicians have in-depth knowledge of the local climate conditions and local weed types, allowing us to formulate a plan of treatments that is just right for your yard.

Why Lawn Weed Control in Kyle is Crucial

extremely green grass photo fills entire frame.A proper lawn weed control plan in Kyle can save you from the headache of a weed infestation. Weeds are simply pesky plants that grow wherever there is sunlight and soil, meaning your yard and garden are prime locations for weed growth. Weeds take vital nutrients and essential space from your grass and any other plants you’re working to maintain, having a negative effect on their health and appearance. However, with the right weed control treatments, you can get rid of weeds that are already in your yard and prevent these plants from popping up in the future.

There are two categories of weeds to look out for in the Kyle area: broadleaf weeds and grassy weeds. You’ve probably encountered broadleaf weeds before. These include flowering plants such as dandelions and wild violet. Grassy weeds, such as crabgrass, can be harder to identify and treat since they grow under the same conditions as grass.

Weeds can also be categorized according to their seasonal growing patterns. Annual weeds grow over the period of one year, and their seeds are typically brought to your landscape from an outside source. For example, they could blow in on the wind or hitch a ride with an animal. Unlike annual weeds, perennial weeds can grow over several years, making them more difficult to get rid of.

Our local lawn care experts at Lawn Doctor of South Austin-San Marcos will identify the plants that are causing problems in your yard in order to come up with a customized schedule of treatments. Your lawn weed control plan in Kyle could include the use of pre-emergents, which kill weeds before they gain a foothold in your yard, perennial weed removal, and preventative treatments.

Learn more about how lawn weed control can benefit your yard in Kyle today. Call Lawn Doctor of South Austin-San Marcos at (512) 269-0777 for details about our services in Kyle, San Marcos, South Austin, Buda, and the neighboring areas.