Tick Control in Paragould

Closeup picture of a tick found prior to providing Tick Control in Paragould

When ticks are out of hand in your yard, turn to the team who can help: Lawn Doctor of Northeast Arkansas. We offer a powerful tick control program in Paragould, Jonesboro, and surrounding areas in AR. With our expert solutions, we’ll reduce tick numbers and keep them away for the whole season.

Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about tick checks, bug bites, and the dangerous diseases these insects carry, such as Lyme and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Best of all? We stand behind our services with a satisfaction guarantee. It’s a promise to you we will make it right if you’re not happy.

How Our Yard Armour® Tick Control Works

At Lawn Doctor of Northeast Arkansas, we’re the name known and trusted for proven tick control across the Paragould area. We offer a program that’s effective because it has multiple steps. This means it treats pests at all stages of the life cycle and for the duration of the season.

With it, you’ll get three stages of protection that include:

Preventative strategies. We’ll find the areas where ticks are getting into your yard. We’ll then explain the ways you can keep them out. This includes cleaning up your yard, mowing your grass, erecting a barrier around your property, pruning trees, and cutting back foliage. These steps will help make your lawn less friendly to ticks and the animals that bring them in.

Powerful control. With our treatments, we offer a mix of effective products and focus them on popular breeding spots. This means ticks are treated when they’re active adults, as well as when they’re developing. We’ll wipe them out, reducing numbers dramatically. If you’d prefer a green approach to the job, just ask our team. We can help.

Long-lasting protection. We will return during the season to monitor your lawn and ensure new infestations aren’t emerging. We’ll also apply barrier sprays that stop pests from making a comeback, providing a full season of protection.

Tick Control, Backed by One of the Best Guarantees in Paragould

Lawn Doctor of Northeast Arkansas can restore fun and safety back to your yard with our approach to tick control. We’ll evaluate your lawn, tailor our services and schedule around it, and provide you with complete control during the Paragould area’s entire tick season. You’ll be able to step outdoors with confidence knowing your family and four-legged friends are safe.

You don’t have to stress about ticks when you’ve got Lawn Doctor of Northeast Arkansas on your side. We treat yards in Paragould, Jonesboro, Pocahontas, Trumann, and nearby areas in AR.

Contact us today to find out more about our tick control in Paragould.