Dependable Lawn Care in North Tampa

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Effectively maintaining Florida lawns from season to season is a job that can be extremely demanding and also extremely time consuming. If you’re already busy, carving out the extra time it can take to keep your lawn healthy and growing may simply not be an option. Achieve a great-looking lawn this year while avoiding the constant yard work by getting in touch with the knowledgeable lawn care professionals at Lawn Doctor of North Tampa-Lutz.

Maintaining a healthy lawn without the exhausting yard work is just one of the many benefits that comes with choosing the complete care we offer at Lawn Doctor of North Tampa-Lutz. One of the many other key components of our service is our comprehensive service guarantee. Repairing and maintaining your lawn on your own can be a risky process, as any mishaps can end up costing you extra time and money. With our guaranteed services, you can enjoy dependable and risk-free lawn care.

Our List of Lawn Care Services for North Tampa Residents

North Tampa lawns face a long list of threats throughout the entire year, from storms to ever-present threats like weeds, lawn diseases, and pests. By working with our team, you’ll be giving your yard access to all of the tools, treatments, and products it will need to fend off these threats and look its best in the long run. Whether your lawn is recovering from a bout of rough weather or it needs a complete overhaul, we’ll get the job done right.

Our team of professionals offers a complete list of proven treatment options to our neighbors all over the North Tampa area. Here is a quick look at our service list:

  • Weed Control
  • Fertilization
  • Lawn Maintainer Program
  • Commercial Lawn Services
  • pH Balancing / Lime
  • Mosquito Control

The Communities Served by Our Lawn Care Team

We take pride in bringing our customers greener, healthier lawns. Our team is made up of local lawn care experts, and we know what local lawns need to thrive through the seasons. By utilizing our familiarity with the area’s distinct growing conditions and other environmental factors, we’ll get your lawn back on track to healthy growth in no time.

We proudly offer our local lawn care to our homeowners and businesses in the following communities:

To learn more about our lawn care in North Tampa, contact us today!