Lawn Aeration in Gadsden

Your lawn grows and thrives from the constant circulation of the different elements it needs to grow. When your lawn suffers a deficiency of one or more of these things, it can hinder growth and cause a steady decline in plant health. One common way a deficiency can arise is due to compacted topsoil. With the lawn aeration treatments we offer at Lawn Doctor of Gadsden, we help open up space and boost nutrient, oxygen and water circulation in lawns all over the Gadsden, Rainbow City, Southside, Hokes Bluff and Glencoe areas for continued growth, root development and long-term health.

When Lawn Aeration is Necessary for Gadsden-Area Lawns

To grow, your grass needs a few things: oxygen, water, sunlight and nutrients from the soil. When the top layer of your soil is compacted, your grass plants don’t have consistent access to three of those four crucial elements. When our technicians aerate your lawn, they’ll remove cylindrical sections of your soil (referred to as “plugs”) so that your soil naturally diffuses and decompresses, allowing free circulation of all of the things your yard needs to grow and thrive.

Lawn aeration is an extremely effective service that can yield great results, but how do you know if it’s the right treatment for your yard’s needs? Your lawn will benefit from our lawn aeration service if it can be characterized by any of the following:

  • You regularly park vehicles on your lawn
  • Your lawn has excessive amounts of thatch
  • Your soil is primarily clay
  • Puddles form on your lawn
  • A shovel or screwdriver can’t easily break through the surface of your lawn

When we perform our lawn aeration treatments, we implement the use of an industry tool called a core aerator to remove soil plugs from your lawn. Core aerators are heavy, cumbersome, and they can be difficult to operate for the everyday home or business owner. At Lawn Doctor of Gadsden, we make aeration easy by providing this service for you on a flexible, customized schedule, eliminating the need to rent and learn to operate bulky aerating equipment.

Call Lawn Doctor of Gadsden today at (256) 442-3108 to learn more about our aeration services and to schedule your free lawn evaluation. With our proven lawn aeration and other treatments, we serve homeowners and businesses spanning Gadsden, Rainbow City, Southside, Hokes Bluff, Glencoe and the surrounding communities.