Tick Control in Stafford

Lawn Doctor provides Tick Control in StaffordDon’t let ticks cause trouble in your yard this year. Instead, protect your lawn and loved ones with help from Lawn Doctor of Stafford. We’re a top provider of tick control in the area thanks to our services that are designed with the climate and pest conditions in Stafford, VA in mind. This means you’ll have the highest level of protection that’s timed optimally and more peace of mind in the process.

How Our Tick Control for Stafford Homeowners Works

All across Virginia and right here in the Stafford area, ticks are on the rise once again, meaning now’s the time to control them. But for many homeowners, they’re unsure about what to do and when. That’s where our Yard Armour® tick control program comes in. With it, we’ve got your yard and your family covered during the weeks and months ahead thanks to our multi-faceted approach. It includes coverage that:

Protects. We’ll provide barrier sprays that will protect your property proactively, keeping ticks out from the start.

Controls. If you’ve already seen ticks in or around your yard, we’ll suppress them quickly with a powerful blend of treatments.

Suppresses. We’ll keep control maintained with regular service visits during the whole tick season.

Lawn Doctor of Stafford will go beyond simply treating your yard to also providing tips and advice on what you can do to make your yard less appealing to them. From cutting back overgrown trees and shrubs to keeping grass mowed and removing low-hanging bird feeders, we’ll explain what to do and when, so you can ensure your lawn is as safe as possible for your loved ones.

Call Today to Get Control Over Ticks in Your Yard

Our team has been providing tick control across the area in a way that’s not only effective, but a good investment too. We’ll give you a season of safety, confidence, and comfort and even guarantee it. If you’re not happy with one of our treatments, just give us a call and we promise to make it right. It’s that simple. If you’re ready for a healthier yard and a higher level of tick control this year, we’re a call away in:

For effective and affordable tick control in Stafford, VA, contact us today to set up your free consultation and estimate!