Lawn Service in Morristown

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor provided Lawn Service in Morristown

With expert lawn service adapted to your yard, Lawn Doctor of Greeneville-Morristown-Rogersville can produce healthy and thick green grass for your home. We have the skills, products, and know-how to take your bland and patchy lawn and turn it into a beautiful landscape. Lets take a look at what’s covered by our lawn service.

Our Professional Lawn Service for Morristown Homes

To deliver great results for your lawn, we always make sure to adjust our treatments based on the specifics of your lawn ecosystem. This allows us to address nutrient deficiencies and other issues to keep your grass healthy, green, and growing strong. Our lawn services include:

  • Fertilization. With customized treatments to infuse your lawn with proper nutrition, we can boost growth, create stronger health, and maintain a thriving lawn ecosystem. Our experts will conduct soil testing and other analysis to determine the right mix of macronutrients needed to fortify your soil, roots, and grass.
  • Weed control. We have specialized solutions to deal with the wide range of invasive plant species that occupy the region. With our pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide treatments, you can count on terrific protection from weeds.
  • Core aeration. To combat soil compaction, we rely on our own unique method known as ‘core aeration’. This process is more effective than conventional spike aeration treatments, as it relies on advanced machinery to take out the right volume of soil to open up air flow and restore healthy conditions.
  • Additional services. Our service also includes: natural lawn care, mole control, mosquito and tick control, and several other services, all of which are covered by our leading satisfaction guarantee.

DIY Lawn Chores Backed by Our Expert Advice

Our experts do not offer direct service to mow and water your lawn, but these tasks are very important, so we want to make sure you get them done right. Here are our tips:

  • Watering. Limit your watering to only twice per week, and conduct both sessions right before sunrise.
  • Mowing. Trim your grass just once per week, leaving about 2/3 of each grass blade.

Trusted Lawn Service in Your Area

With professional treatments, friendly support, top quality products, and the comfort of our leading satisfaction guarantee, lawn service from Lawn Doctor of Greeneville-Morristown-Rogersville is the right choice for your yard. We are proud to offer our professional services throughout:

  • Morristown
  • Greeneville
  • Talbott
  • Church Hill
  • And the surrounding areas

For affordable lawn service in Morristown, contact us today.