Mosquito Control Services for Collierville

Yard Armour Mosquito Control in ColliervilleStep outside with confidence during the biting season. With Lawn Doctor of Eastern Shelby County, we offer wide-ranging mosquito control services to property owners across Collierville, Bartlett, Germantown, and in other nearby TN communities. Our solutions can help you safely treat and control these nuisance pests in your yard. From month-to-month applications to single-spray special event services, you can rely on our team for effective control and powerful protection, 100% guaranteed.

The Collierville Area’s Proven Mosquito Control Program: Yard Armour

Don’t let mosquitoes and the diseases they carry worry you during the warm-weather months. Instead, gain access to the defenses you need with the Collierville area’s choice for mosquito control: Yard Armour®. This powerful program delivers an immediate impact, cutting down on existing mosquito populations dramatically and preventing the threat of future ones from emerging. With it, you’ll get services that:

  • Treat and control. From adults to their eggs and larvae, our applications suppress mosquitoes throughout their entire lifecycle, while also creating a veil of protection around your property.
  • Provide ongoing protection. From week-to-week during the outdoor season, you never have to worry about mosquitoes re-emerging, thanks to our precisely timed maintenance applications.
  • Help you eliminate breeding spots. Don’t let mosquito habitats and breeding spots in your lawn attract future invasions. We’ll show you where these places are and what to do to remove them.

Our Other Specialty Mosquito Control Services in Collierville

mosquito control infographic showing where mosquitoes hideLawn Doctor of Eastern Shelby County knows that when it comes to mosquito control, customers across the Collierville area have different needs. We want to meet them all with our wide-ranging specialty options. Besides our standard Yard Armour program, Collierville-area homeowners can turn to us for pest control services that include:

  • 100% natural control for an environmentally friendly way to treat and suppress these persistent pests.
  • Special event sprays for one-time treatments to ensure mosquitoes don’t invade your big day.

Whatever pest control services you’re most interested, you can always rest easy with Lawn Doctor of Eastern Shelby County’s 100% satisfaction guarantee. We strive to deliver quality services and consistent results with our mosquito control services in the Collierville area. But if you’re not fully pleased, let us know and we promise to fix it.

The mosquito control solutions you’ve been looking for are just a call away, whether you live in ColliervilleGermantownBartlett, or another nearby TN area. Contact Lawn Doctor of Eastern Shelby County today at 901.385.0808 to learn more and get started with a free consultation.