Lawn Aeration by Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles

Is your lawn struggling to grow and thrive the way it should? If so, it might be because your grass is struggling to breathe. A lawn with compacted soil or heavy thatch buildup will prevent grass from getting the air it needs to survive. When this happens, lawn aeration is necessary. At Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles, our lawn aeration experts provide area homeowners with professional core aeration – the most effective method of aeration available – helping you breathe life back into your lawn.

Does My Lawn Need Aeration?

A lawn with poor airflow leads to thin, brittle, yellowing grass. Often, this happens in patches where soil compaction or thatch have become a major problem. But thin, patchy grass can be a sign of many issues, including poor fertilization or lack of water – so how can you know if your lawn needs aeration? One DIY method is the screwdriver test: simply insert a screwdriver into your lawn head first. If this is difficult to do, your lawn likely need aeration. But for a more precise diagnosis of your lawn’s problems, we suggest calling the lawn care and lawn aeration experts at Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles. Our team offers full lawn health assessments, helping you pinpoint the exact issue stunting your lawn’s growth.

Lawn Aeration with Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles

Why choose Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles for your lawn aeration needs? Our team offers professional core aeration, a more effective and more long-lasting method compared to spike aeration – the more commonly available method. While spike aeration relies on manual-use tools to punch holes into your lawn’s soil, core aeration uses carefully calibrated machinery to core these holes into your soil at precise intervals.

Our lawn aeration specialists have years of expertise in providing St. Charles area homeowners with core aeration services. In our capable hands, your lawn’s turf will get the air it needs for healthy color and growth.

Combining Lawn Seeding & Aeration

If you’re seeding your lawn, you will want to consider lawn aeration as well. A poorly aerated lawn is much harder for new seeds to flourish in than one that has been professionally aerated. Talk to a lawn aeration expert from Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles about how you can combine these two services to improve the results you see from lawn seeding.

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Lawn aeration from Lawn Doctor of Midcounty-St. Charles is available throughout the St. Charles area, including University City, O’Fallon, Webster Groves, Maryland Heights, and St. Peters.

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