Lawn Seeding Services in Utica

Keeping up with lawn maintenance on your own can be tricky, as several of the involved treatments require in-depth industry expertise to precisely implement. One of the treatments that benefits the most from an experienced hand is lawn seeding. Seeding is important for several reasons when it comes to maintaining and repairing your lawn, including filling in spots, filling out thin areas or starting a new lawn altogether. At Lawn Doctor of Utica-Macomb, we offer neighboring home and business owners in the Utica, Shelby Township and Macomb, MI area a full range of seeding treatments to get their yards back on track to a full, green and healthy appearance.

Our Lawn Seeding Treatment List

lawn doctor employee lawn seeding in UticaOur technicians specialize in a variety of seeding treatments to suit your lawn’s specific needs. Here are three lawn seeding services we employ to breathe new life into area lawns:

  1. Spot Treatment. There are several causes for unsightly lawn spots. Variability in moisture, common lawn diseases, pet damage – all of these and more can cause spots to show up on your lawn. After being primed for treatment, our lawn seeding treatments will help to fill in these areas to bring your lawn back to an even, healthy appearance.
  2. Overseeding. Overseeding is a simple, but effective tool for rejuvenating a lawn that has thinned or faded in several areas. Our technicians will apply generous amounts of seed to fill in the weaker areas of your lawn, resulting in fuller, thicker turf.
  3. Restoration. While there are several ways to treat a lawn, sometimes the best course of action is to simply start a completely new lawn. Whether you’re starting over or putting in the first lawn for a new construction, our restoration seeding treatments can give your property the fresh start it needs to thrive.

Custom-Tailored Lawn Seeding for Utica Homeowners

Our lawn seeding treatments, like the rest of our treatments, are customized based on our customers’ unique needs. We’ll choose the perfect seed varieties, watering schedules and seeding implementation strategies necessary to get your lawn back on track and looking better than ever. For seeding services that yield results, turn to the pros at Lawn Doctor of Utica-Macomb.

Call Lawn Doctor of Utica-Macomb today at (586) 737-7246 for a closer look at our lawn seeding services and to schedule your free estimate. We offer our range of effective lawn treatments to home and commercial property owners in Utica, Macomb, Shelby Township and throughout the surrounding communities.