Power Seeding


Power Seeding for a Healthy Lawn

There is more to creating a healthy lawn than just fertilizer and weed control.
Grass plants thin out and die over time. Occasionally new seed needs to be introduced back into the soil to rejuvenate new growth. The root structures in lawns also get compacted over time due the nature of our weather and the amount of clay in our Indiana soil. There is no better remedy to combat these conditions than Core Aeration and Lawn Doctor’s exclusive Power Seeding method.

Power Seeding in Indianapolis

Why Use Power Seeding instead of other methods?

Lawn Doctor’s patented Turf Tamer Power Seeder with Ground Meter technology cultivates the top layers of soil and thatch and mixes it with a measured amount of seed as it falls back to the earth. The seed is essentially planted in the soil instead of sitting on top of the ground as in Overseeding. All of this is done without hurting the existing turf. Unlike Slit Seeding, that actually cuts through and destroys the lawn’s established root structure. Power Seeding yields a 90% germination rate, so it is also the perfect answer for creating a brand-new lawn from bare soil. No other planting method can even come close.

When You Should Power Seed

Spring seeding is available, but the ideal time to introduce new seed into a lawn is during the autumn. Warm daytime temperatures combined with cooling nights provide an optimal environment for new growth. Planting new grass seed at this time gives it enough time to germinate and begin growing before winter dormancy. The true impact will be the following spring when the new grass will emerge and thicken. This time period also provides the new grass time to mature before the upcoming summer heat and stress. Sowing seeds in autumn also enables them to grow without having to compete with broadleaf weeds such as dandelion and clover.

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