Lawn Aeration in South/West Indianapolis

Lawn Aeration at Lawn Doctor of South/West INDYWhen your lawn starts to get patchy or has yellowing, uneven spots, there’s a problem. There are many reasons your grass may be losing its health and vitality, but one key problem is poorly aerated soil. At Lawn Doctor of South/West INDY, we can inspect your lawn to see why your turf is losing color or density. We are proud to provide lawn aeration services to homeowners across the South/West Indianapolis including the communities of Greenwood, Mooresville, Avon, and Plainfield. While lawn aeration is best done in the fall or spring, we always recommend getting an assessment to see what your grass needs.

What is Lawn Aeration?

Core lawn aeration pulls small plugs out of your soil to give your grass “breathing room” to grow. When soil gets too compact, it can choke your grass plants, cutting them off from airflow, nutrients, and water. With lawn aeration, the soil is loosened so your grass’ roots can get the vital water and nutrients they need to survive. They also have room to grow, which makes your grass more resilient, dense, and healthy.

At Lawn Doctor of South/West INDY, we use a technique called core lawn aeration to improve the look of yards in South/West Indianapolis, Greenwood, Avon, Plainfield, and Mooresville.  That means we use a specially calibrated machine called a core aerator to bore small, precise plugs out of your soil.

Do I Need Lawn Aeration?

Poorly compacted soil is caused by heavy rainfall or snowfall, heavy use of your lawn, and time. Over time, a heavy layer of dead roots and plant matter – also known as “thatch” – can build up on the surface of your soil, making it harder for your grass plants to grow.

How do you know if you need lawn aeration for your South/West Indianapolis or Greenwood area home? One way is the screwdriver test. If you have difficulty inserting a screwdriver into your soil, it is probably tightly compacted and requires aeration. However, we always recommend getting an honest expert assessment from Lawn Doctor of South/West INDY. Our local technicians are well-versed in Indianapolis soil conditions and climate patterns, so they can provide you with detailed recommendations to keep your lawn healthy.

Get a healthier, greener lawn in South/West Indianapolis, Greenwood, Mooresville, Avon, or Plainfield with lawn aeration services. Schedule an assessment by calling Lawn Doctor of South/West INDY today at 317.405.9665.