Lawn Aeration in Pembroke Pines

Lawn maintenance in Pembroke Pines can be complicated and involve several different individual processes. One of these essential processes is regular lawn aeration. Compacted soil is a problem that many lawns will face at one point or another, whether due to the lawn’s distinct composition, external damage or the simple passing of time. The only way to relieve this underground compression is through aeration. Aeration punctures the surface of the lawn to relieve pressure and increase permeability to boost your lawn’s overall health. At Lawn Doctor of West Broward, we provide home and commercial property owners all over the Pembroke Pines, West Broward, Coral Springs, Miramar, Pompano Beach, Parkland, Weston and Sunrise, FL areas with our proven aeration service to prevent the negative effects that come along with compacted soil.

How Lawn Aeration Works

Lawn aeration is a beneficial service that can be delivered with a variety of different methods in Pembroke Pines. One type of aeration is spike aeration, which pokes holes in the surface of your lawn with long spikes to create small channels for heat, oxygen and water to penetrate. The method we employ at Lawn Doctor of West Broward is called core aeration, and it involves the use of a piece of machinery called a core aerator. Core aerators are efficient machines that remove long, cylindrical sections of soil in your lawn to create wider channels than with spike aeration. These wider channels boost results and provide longer-lasting relief from compacted soil.

The Benefits of Lawn Aeration for Pembroke Pines Residents

There is a long list of benefits that lawn aeration can provide to your Pembroke Pines-area lawn. One of the primary benefits of aeration is the increased permeability of your lawn. Aerating your lawn creates pores throughout the surface, allowing the external elements your lawn needs to penetrate deep into the soil. Another benefit of aeration is providing room for your roots to expand. Compacted soil can stifle your roots by filling in the space they need to grow. When we aerate your lawn, we open up this necessary space for your plants to develop strong, dense root systems.

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