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Nothing Says Success Like a Great NH Lawn

A beautiful lawn will be terrific to marvel at, no question. It can make backyard time all the better, giving you and your family a soothing site to help you relax and enjoy the day. However, having a great lawn is not limited to its visual appeal; the neighbors will take note of your prosperity once they see what a terrific gem your yard has become. With a house that stands out from the rest on the block, friends, family, and passersby will sense something special in your livelihood.

Now in order to get your grass to this elite status, your lawn will need persistent attention and knowledgeable care; that’s where we come in. Lawn Doctor’s New Hampshire lawn care services will go above and beyond to give you a yard that’ll turn heads. When you choose us, people passing through the neighborhood might even mistake your lush green turf for a golf course. Our affordable New Hampshire lawn care services include:

Watch Your Lawn Transform Before Your Very Eyes

Even after just one Lawn Doctor application, you should see impressive changes in your lawn’s appearance. However, this is just the first step towards a long-term solution that can get your lawn’s health and vibrancy to a state of permanent strength. Our exceptional New Hampshire lawn care services are made even better through our Lawn Maintainer Care program, where we’ll make ongoing treatments to keep your grass in tip-top shape year after year. After your lawn receives regular applications for a steady amount of time, it can eventually get to a state where it can fight off unpleasant weeds and diseases on its own.

The key to making the most of these continuing treatments lies on a simple premise–that every lawn is unique. Specific factors like growing conditions, soil type, and climate have serious implications on the kind of care your lawn needs. Our New Hampshire lawn care experts will examine all of these circumstances and tailor a plan that is custom designed for your yard. When we work with your grass in accordance with its special requirements, your lawn will grow much greener and healthier than it would with a generic or “one-size-fits-all” type service.

Since each lawn has its own individual needs, there is no set timetable for our services. Generally speaking, however, most yards will need four to six of our New Hampshire lawn care services annually.

We Don’t Use Magic–Just Skills

A lawn can only reach its maximum potential if it’s left in the right hands. All of our New Hampshire Lawn Doctor professionals live in and around the areas they service. Remember those local conditions we just mentioned and their importance to your lawn’s physique? These New Hampshire lawn care experts know local conditions like a sensei knows karate, as they’ve dealt with them time and time again. So if you live in Nashua, your yard will be in capable hands and it should begin to thrive in no time.

Of course, we wouldn’t send these professionals to your home without the best tools in the business. Our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment can help your grass prosper even more so than it would with ordinary lawn care technology. Turf Tamer® machinery makes efficient applications to your lawn–fertilizer, grass seed, you name it–and is optimized for consistent coverage. In other words, you’ll see greener, thicker lawn throughout the whole yard.

It’s Our Custom to Be Custom

If your turf experiences any issues that need extra help in addition to the New Hampshire lawn care services listed above, we’ve got you covered yet again. Lawn Doctor offers a variety of Custom Care Services to fix whatever weed or disease problems your lawn may face. With local experts and incredible machinery handling your yard, your lawn should get back on track in no time.

Our Guarantee 

All of our New Hampshire lawn care services are backed by the Lawn Doctor Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied with our work, we’ll make it right. It’s that simple.*

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