Lawn Doctor Minnesota

Great Green Grass Garners Gladness

A healthy, lush lawn carries an array of benefits; it’s soothing to look at, great for the environment, and it can even help boost your home’s value. Although getting a terrific turf will turn the neighbors’ heads and make your property stand out, this maintenance is no easy feat. That’s where we come to the rescue.

No matter how much work your lawn needs to dazzle, we can make it happen. Our Lawn Doctor professionals have been improving even the most hopeless grass for 50 years, so our Minnesota lawn care plans are up to the task. We offer a variety of services to not only maintain healthy grass, but to also let it thrive. Our affordable Minnesota lawn care services include:

Every Lawn Is a New Adventure
At Lawn Doctor, we have a philosophy that each lawn is unique. Since so many different factors influence what a particular area of grass needs–soil type, climate, growing conditions, etc.–we take all of these facets into consideration when creating a plan to bring out the best in your lawn.

After just one of these tailor-made applications, you should begin to see substantial progress in your lawn’s development; that’s what Lawn Doctor clients have come to expect with our Minnesota lawn care services. However, we can do even more for your lawn–much more. Through our Lawn Maintainer Care program, we’ll make ongoing treatments to keep your turf in shape year-round. Your lawn can become so robust that it’ll fight off weeds and diseases on its own (and look great while doing it). Since each lawn requires its own special care, there is no set timeframe for Lawn Doctor services. Generally speaking, though, a typical Minnesota lawn will need four to six of our applications per year.

Put Your MN Lawn in the Right Hands
You wouldn’t want somebody who is clueless about your geographical area to service your lawn. As knowing all about local conditions is essential to Minnesota lawn care, all of our professionals live in and near the areas they serve. Put simply, our lawn care experts know Apple Valley, Edina, Maple Grove, Stillwater, and Woodbury like a sensei knows karate.

The right tools can make all the difference between okay yard care and a spectacular lawn service experience. Our exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment rounds out this dynamic duo of skills and technology. This state-of-the-art machinery is the bomb; it produces even, consistent lawn applications that will help your grass grow thicker and greener throughout the yard without damaging the turf.

Custom Care for Custom Lawns
If your MN lawn experiences problems that our regular treatments can’t completely fix, fear not. We also offer a variety of Custom Care Services at our Minnesota lawn care locations to handle specific yard issues that require more detailed attention. No matter what weeds or diseases may threaten your lawn’s health, our able bodies and tools can work to restore your grass to its former glory.

Our Guarantee
Each Lawn Doctor Minnesota lawn care service is backed by Our Guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with our labor, we’ll make it right.*

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