Yard Armour Treatment Tips

Yard Armour® Treatment Tips for Mosquitoes

Homeowners want to enjoy their yard and the great outdoors, without fear of getting bitten by pests like mosquitoes or ticks. We have collected the top tips from local Lawn Doctor Yard Armour experts on treating your yard for mosquitoes, ticks as well as other unwanted pests:

Mosquito Control Tips

  • Eliminate standing water
    Mosquitoes need standing water to breed, but they do not need very much of it. Think of a teaspoon, and how small it is. That is all the pests need in order to lay their eggs. So go through your yard and get rid of any standing water. A good time to look at where standing water can accumulate is after a rainfall.
  • Make sure window screens fit snugly, without gaps or holes. Repair or replace as needed.
  • When outdoors, apply an insect repellant to clothing and exposed skin.
  • If you have water as part of your landscape, get fish
    If you have a pond or water garden in your yard, and you do not want to have mosquitoes take it over, you may want to get fish for the pond. Fish, especially goldfish, like to eat mosquitoes, so this can help eliminate your problem.
  • Use lotions or anti-allergy creams after being bitten
    Things like calamine lotion can provide some relief from mosquito bites. Either hot or cold temperatures – via a hot shower or an ice pack – can also provide relief. There are a variety of homegrown remedies as well; some suggest simply rubbing bar soap over a bite could provide some relief.

Ask your local Lawn Doctor about Yard Armour mosquito control treatments

While the above tips can potentially prevent mosquitoes from showing up in your yard, and help alleviate mosquito bites, they are not the only answer. If you want to reduce mosquitoes safely and effectively, Lawn Doctor’s Yard Armour treatments are designed to help with your mosquito problem.

After treating your yard our technicians can arrange regular treatments – between five and eight per year, depending upon your climate – to continue to reduce the ongoing threat of mosquitoes in your yard.

While you can buy over-the-counter products to get rid of mosquitoes, they can be expensive and time consuming considering the products and equipment that you would need to properly treat your property.  That is why the ideal way to help solve your mosquito issue economically and effectively is through a professional mosquito control service, like the services you get with the Lawn Doctor Yard Armour treatment program.