Lawn Seeding in Maple Grove, Rogers & Plymouth

lawn doctor employee providing lawn seeding services for lawn Lawn seeding is the fastest path to a thicker, healthier lawn. While our aeration services break down soil compaction and surface thatch, our power seeding solution infuses high-quality grass seed right into the soil. With power seeding from Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth – you can enjoy better results and a more beautiful lawn.

Some additional benefits of choosing our power seeding services over other types of lawn seeding include:

  • Power seeding creates better seed-to-soil contact, boosting lawn density.
  • This, in turn, prevents water runoff and improves oxygenation.
  • As your lawn thickens, its natural defenses against insects and weeds will also increase.

Another benefit you’ll enjoy when you choose Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth for power seeding is in our exclusive Turf Tamer® application equipment. Turf Tamer’s has been designed with reciprocating action so the turf that’s already there isn’t damaged during the seeding process. Likewise, its ground-metered technology promotes even coverage of grass seed, leading to consistent new growth.

In addition to proven techniques and proprietary equipment, Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth can also offer you in-depth, localized knowledge. Our knowledge of the local climate, growing conditions, grass types, common weeds, and other factors that affect lawn growth will all come together to help us recommend the best seeding and lawn care solutions for your yard.

At Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, we know the best times of the year to power seed to ensure optimal results in your lawn. Typically, in the Maple Grove,  Rogers and Plymouth areas, the ideal time for seeding is fall. The combination of warmer temperatures during the day and cooler ones at night, plus plenty of rainfall, provide perfect conditions for germination and development of new grass. Fall seeding also means grass won’t have to compete with stubborn weeds like clover and dandelion.

Your Local Lawn Seeding Experts in Maple Grove, Rogers & Plymouth

Power seeding takes the right equipment and expertise – which is why it’s so important to leave it to professionals. And with Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, you’ll gain access to an exclusive power seeding process that delivers the best results. Whether you want to restore an old lawn or jumpstart the health of a new one, we can help.

At Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, we provide lawn seeding services to homeowners across Maple Grove, Rogers, Plymouth and Osseo, MN. Call us today at 763.428.3843 to schedule your free evaluation.