Maple Grove’s Mosquito Control Solutions

Yard Armour Mosquito Control

When you’re in your yard, you shouldn’t have to share that quality time with mosquitoes. They aren’t just itchy, pesky distractions – they’re also carriers of dangerous, sometimes fatal diseases, such as yellow fever and the West Nile virus. At Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, our mosquito control services will help you drive those pests off your lawn and away from your home. Our comprehensive mosquito control program and extensive add-ons will help you deal with mosquitoes on your own terms.

mosquito control Maple GroveOur Mosquito Control Program

Every home is different. That’s why an effective mosquito control program requires specific tailoring to your property. We’ll work with you to create a strategy that’s highly effective in keeping mosquitoes away from your home, family, and pets. Our Yard Armour® Mosquito Control Program is a key part of this, offering a comprehensive plan for Maple Grove and the surrounding area. This program includes:

  • Mosquito Control. We use targeted applications on mosquito hotspots all around your property to control and reduce adult mosquito populations, as well as mosquito eggs and larvae.
  • Mosquito Prevention. We’ll inspect the exterior of your home to identify mosquito-friendly areas and provide detailed recommendations on prevention. We also apply treatment sprays around the exterior of your lawn.
  • Mosquito Maintenance. To keep mosquitoes away, regular maintenance is required. That’s why we offer routine inspections and treatments to help your lawn stay mosquito-free.

Our Mosquito Control Features for Maple Grove

At Lawn Doctor of Maple Grove-Plymouth, we offer a wide variety of additional mosquito control features, such as:

  • Special event sprays. Are you holding a large event on your property, like a wedding, anniversary, birthday party, or holiday cookout? We highly recommend getting our one-time, special-event sprays to make sure your guests aren’t complaining of mosquito bites all day.
  • All-natural options. We know that an all-natural approach is important to many families. That’s why we offer a range of products made from plant oils, which are not only all-natural, but also incredibly effective.
  • Mosquito Sentry®. We are the only Mosquito Sentry® provider in the Maple Grove area. This stationary unit provides timed bursts of a natural mosquito repellent mist that’s completely safe for your family, but deadly to mosquitoes.

Whether you live in Osseo, Rogers, Plymouth, Maple Grove or another nearby community, get a mosquito control program that’s right for your home. Simply call 763.428.3843 to set up an inspection today.