Lawn Seeding in the Loveland Area

Getting a thick, healthy lawn isn’t as easy as mowing, watering and fertilizing. As your lawn ages, the grass starts breaking down and soil becomes compacted. That means nutrients and water can’t flow properly into the root zone. But with lawn seeding and aeration from Lawn Doctor of Loveland/Greeley/Windsor, we can cut down on compaction and ensure full seeding coverage – all without damaging any existing turf. Get a lawn that’s not only beautiful to look at, but healthy from root to tip.

Lawn Seeding and Aeration Options in Loveland

Regular seeding simply scatters grass seed into your lawn. But with power seeding, specialized equipment is used to cultivate the soil, ensuring the best seed-to-soil contact. This not only helps to build the density of your turf, but also reduces thinning and bare spots dramatically. In addition, your lawn will be stronger and better able to defend itself against weeds and insects. Whether you live in Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown or Berthoud, our lawn seeding services can create a nutrient-rich, healthy lawn.lawn doctor employee providing lawn seeding services

There are several ways you can aerate your lawn. At Lawn Doctor of Loveland/Greeley/Windsor, we rely on a method called core aeration. This approach simply uses specialized equipment to remove small plugs of soil, grass and thatch from throughout your lawn. This, in turn, opens up your lawn, so it can breathe and take in more nutrients and water. When combined with Lawn Doctor of Loveland/Greeley/Windsor’s power seeding services, aeration creates more favorable conditions in which seeds can grow and develop – producing more beautiful results.

Generally, power seeding is best performed in the fall. With the cool evenings, warmer days, and ample rainfall, it provides optimal conditions for new grass to grow. However, if your lawn will be aerated as well – and you have warm season grass, like Buffalo or Bermuda – we recommend aerating in the late spring. This is just before your grass type’s active growth season, so it will quickly fill in the holes left behind by the aerating process. Cool season grasses, on the other hand, can be aerated and power seeded in fall.

Power Seeding with Turf Tamer®

Throughout our aeration and lawn seeding services, we rely on our proprietary Turf Tamer line of lawn care equipment. When seeding, for instance, this equipment is specially designed with ground-metered technology to ensure the most even distribution of grass seed. And because it uses reciprocating action, it won’t damage your turf either. When you want a local company that relies on the most advanced tools and technology to care for your lawn, turn to Lawn Doctor of Loveland/Greeley/Windsor.

Ready to learn more? Call Lawn Doctor of Loveland/Greeley/Windsor at 970.669.3192 for a free evaluation. Our lawn seeding and aeration services are available for homeowners in Loveland, Greeley, Windsor, Johnstown and Berthoud.

Lawn Doctor’s lawn aeration service can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.