Lawn Aeration in Loganville

lawn technician power seeding showing lawn aeration in LoganvilleKeeping your lawn’s soil healthy throughout the year is an important part of maintaining its overall health. When soil becomes compacted or compressed, it can come with an extensive list of difficulties and health problems for your home’s outdoor areas. At Lawn Doctor of Grayson-Snellville-Loganville, we utilize cutting-edge treatments to break apart compacted soil and reverse the negative effects it can have on the plants in your lawn. With our lawn aeration treatments, we bring a lasting boost to the health of lawns throughout the Loganville, Snellville, Grayson, and Graystone, GA areas.

The Benefits of Regular Lawn Aeration

Regularly aerating the soil in your lawn produces a long list of different benefits. Here are just a few of the ways that strategic aeration can help your lawn grow healthier and stronger throughout the year:

  • The strengthening of your lawn’s root systems.
  • Increased airflow throughout the soil.
  • The enhanced circulation of water and heat throughout the soil.
  • A boost in the effectiveness of fertilization treatments.

When to Administer Lawn Aeration in Loganville Lawns

Aeration can be extremely helpful in keeping your lawn green and growing, but figuring out the best time to administer aeration isn’t always a simple task for the average homeowner. Here is a closer look at a few of the key indicators our technicians use to determine whether or not our customers’ lawns need to be aerated:

High Clay Content. Different soil types need to be aerated at different times and frequencies to maximize results. Lawns that have a high density of clay in their soil need to be aerated more often than other lawns, due to how easily they can become compressed. With our aeration treatments, our team will break up clay soil and restore the circulation of water, nutrients, and oxygen your lawn needs to stay healthy.

Excessive Thatch. Thatch is a layer of organic material and leaf litter that exists between the soil in your lawn and the blades of grass. A little bit of thatch is healthy, but too much can be an indicator of compressed soil underneath. Our aeration treatments circulate the layers of thatch and soil in your yard, returning them to the ideal proportions for the full penetration of water, oxygen, and heat from the surface of the soil to your roots.

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