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A Beautiful Lawn Highlights Your Home


Even the most elegant house can look “meh” if dead grass surrounds it. A beautiful lawn is one of the major keys to having a lovely home–not only because it makes your property look nicer, but also because the state of your yard is the first impression others will get of your humble abode. Lawn Doctor can get your turf to an elite level with excellent and affordable Indiana lawn care.

We offer a plethora of plans to make your grass greener, healthier, and thicker. Our current Indiana lawn care services include:

We’ll Make a Custom, Long-Term Lawn Solution

Our customers are used to witnessing terrific changes to their lawns from Lawn Doctor after just one treatment; but why should we stop there? Through our Lawn Maintainer Care program, we will regularly improve and sustain your lawn’s health with ongoing applications. Pretty soon you’ll start to see your grass grow more lush than ever, as well as fewer weeds and diseases.

Because our Indiana lawn treatment programs are designed to take care of your specific lawn’s needs, we do not have a set timeframe when it comes to lawn care. We will tailor your approach to your specific lawn, instead of using a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Generally, though, a typical Indiana lawn will need four to six IN Lawn Doctor applications per year.

You’ll Get The Right People Using the Right Equipment

All of our Indiana lawn care experts live in and around the areas they service. Your local Lawn Doctor knows nearby soil, weather, and growing conditions like Mr. Miyagi knows karate. Put simply, this individualized professional care should produce results that’ll blow you away.

At Lawn Doctor, we understand that the right tools make all the difference between an ordinary yard and an extraordinary yard. Luckily, we have an ace up our sleeve–exclusive Turf Tamer® equipment. This lawn care machinery makes even fertilizer applications to each Indiana yard we service to ensure quality growth and development. When you see Turf Tamer® in action, you’ll soon see a glamorous lawn.

Since each Indiana lawn is unique and has its own needs, a number of Custom Care services are available through Lawn Doctor. No matter what weeds or diseases your grass may encounter, we have the minds and machines to fix them.

Our Guarantee

Each IN lawn care service application comes with Our Guarantee. If you’re unhappy with our work, we’ll make it right.

Contact us today for your FREE Lawn Care Service Evaluation or call Lawn Doctor for Local Lawn Care today at 1.800.845.0580 to find out more about our Indiana lawn services.