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Yard Armour Mosquito Control in FreeholdDon’t take your outdoor fun inside due to a mosquito problem in your lawn. Instead, call in the trained team of specialists at Lawn Doctor of Freehold-Upper Freehold-Manalapan-Marlboro. We offer a wide variety of mosquito control services for customers in NJ communities such as Freehold, Allentown, Manalapan, Marlboro, Chesterfield, and beyond. Our solutions provide powerful, affordable, and convenient protection against these annoying and disease-transmitting insects. As a result, you can enjoy a season full of outdoor activities and relaxation without worry.

Yard Armour Mosquito Control for Freehold-Area Customers

If you’re searching for consistent pest control through the warm-weather months, look no further than the Yard Armour® Mosquito Control program at Lawn Doctor of Freehold-Upper Freehold-Manalapan-Marlboro. It’s a comprehensive plan designed to provide a powerful defense against mosquitoes in your yard. With it, you’ll get:

  • Mosquito control services. We’ll quickly identify the problem spots in your yard  targeting the breeding, hiding, and living spots with our treatment applications. These not only suppress adults, but also stop the development of their eggs and larvae.
  • Education on how to prevent mosquito infestations. When you have areas in your lawn that are attractive to mosquitoes, insects are going to come back and re-infest. That’s why we always educate our customers on what to do to eliminate these spot s for good.
  • Regular maintenance applications for continual coverage. Enjoy the entire outdoor season in your lawn thanks to our regularly timed maintenance applications for enduring protection you can count on.

While all the services at Lawn Doctor of Freehold-Upper Freehold-Manalapan-Marlboro are proven effective and backed by extensive experience, we also cover our Yard Armour Mosquito Control program with a satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not pleased with the outcome, we promise to make it right.

Our Specialty Mosquito Control Services in Freehold-Upper Freehold-Marlboro-Manalapan

When it comes to pest control, Lawn Doctor of Freehold-Upper Freehold-Manalapan-Marlboro goes beyond our standard Yard Armour program. We can deliver a choice of other solutions, depending on your unique needs. These include:

  •  Pest control. This environmentally friendly approach to mosquito control provides protection for your yard.
  •  Party sprays. Hosting a picnic, anniversary, wedding, or reunion? Ensure mosquitoes don’t make it on the guest list with our one-time special event pest control sprays.

Our mosquito control services are available in many local communities, including Freehold, Allentown, Manalapan, Marlboro, Chesterfield, Columbus, Cream Ridge, Florence, Roebling, Crosswicks, North Hanover, Springfield, Jobstown, Bordentown, Englishtown, Morganville, Mansfield, Juliustown, Wrightstown, Jocobstown, New Hanover and Imlaystown NJ.

Ready to enjoy a summer without the swatter, bug spray and candles? Call 732-780-2223 or 609-259-3773 or visit our website today for your free mosquito control consultation and estimate.