Lawn Weed Control in Frederick: Stop Invaders with a Treatment Plan

Close up of blades of grass showing lawn weed control in FrederickIs your lawn a battleground full of weeds? Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be. Homeowners like you across the Frederick, MD area can fight back and reclaim your turf with the right lawn weed control plan in place. You just need to know the steps to take in it. Here’s a look at four critical ones:

  1. Identifying the weed species. Are the weeds you’re seeing grassy or broadleaf? Annual or perennial? Identification is vital since it will dictate the products you use and when you apply them.
  2. Following the directions precisely. If you have a particularly large or aggressive population of weeds, it’s tempting to apply more or treat them at a time that’s not ideal. However, this simply promotes herbicide resistance. Instead, make sure you’re following product instructions exactly. This will not only provide the best performance, but protect your turf, too.
  3. Putting to use good cultural practices. Beyond treating weeds, focus your efforts on proper mowing and watering. Keeping about 1/3 of the grass height every time you cut is a good way to ensure blades don’t get stressed and are long enough to shade out emerging weeds. In addition, light, frequent waterings encourage root development near the soil’s surface, putting them at risk. Rather, when you water, soak the soil to a depth of about four to six inches, once per week.
  4. Creating a long-term strategy. Proper lawn weed control isn’t a one-time job during Frederick’s growing season, but it’s an ongoing commitment. As seasons change and different issues occur, your lawn might require treatments like aeration and seeding, as well as fertilization. The key is to focus your efforts on creating the most favorable growing conditions possible so your yard more naturally fights off invaders.

Frederick’s Lawn Weed Control Team: Leave the Job to Us!

Don’t have time for treating dandelion, crabgrass, and other stubborn varieties? Turn to the local lawn weed control team who does: Lawn Doctor of Frederick. We have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to not only gain control over all those interlopers, but also identify and deal with the root cause of the infestation in the first place. This will ensure that, over time, your grass can grow stronger and more beautiful, cutting out competing weeds.

Call Lawn Doctor of Frederick MD at (301) 371-5966 for a free consultation and to learn more about our lawn weed control, available in many local communities, including Middletown, Walkersville, Ijamsville, New Market, and Myersville.