Lawn Care Services in Frederick: About Our Services

Having problems in your lawn? At Lawn Doctor of Frederick, we have the answers. We offer homeowners all over communities such as Frederick, Middletown, Walkersville, Ijamsville, New Market, and Myersville, MD a wide variety of lawn care services to overcome issues in their yards and achieve the green, thick, healthy results they want. Just some of our top solutions include:

  • girl holding puppy thinking about lawn care services in FrederickCore Aeration. When your soil is compacted, grass roots can’t grow. In fact, they can suffocate. But with our core aeration lawn care services, Lawn Doctor of Frederick uses proprietary Turf Tamer® equipment to cut through thatch and compaction by coring out small plugs of soil. This creates pathways for optimal nutrient and water absorption, as well as the breathing room roots need.
  • Power Seeding. A thicker lawn is just a call away with lawn care services from Lawn Doctor of Frederick. Our approach is proven effective because it first cultivates the soil for excellent seed-to-soil contact. This translates into higher germination rates and better growth.
  • Fertilization. Delivering the right mix of key essentials into your lawn can be tricky for the average homeowner. But with our team of experts, we’ll examine your turf condition and devise a custom fertilization plan. Your lawn will then receive a tailor-made blend of nutrients at the ideal times of year.
  • Weed Control. Weeds don’t have to be a hassle when you turn to Lawn Doctor of Frederick for lawn care services. We offer a full spectrum of options for getting annoying and aggressive species under control and ensuring they don’t re-emerge later in the season.
  • Lawn Maintainer Program. If you’re looking for regular care and continuous protection in your yard, consider our Lawn Maintainer program. It provides a convenient mix of fertilization and weed control on a custom planned schedule so your lawn always gets what it needs to stay healthy and strong.

Why Lawn Doctor of Frederick for Lawn Care Services?

While we offer a wide variety of proven solutions, it’s our team that makes the difference. We are knowledgeable, friendly, dependable, and devoted to customer satisfaction in all that we do. Not only that, but we rely on materials and equipment that are industry-leading and known for superior results. That’s why, when you choose Lawn Doctor of Frederick as your lawn care service provider, you can always expect high-quality services, consistent care, and the beautiful lawn you’ve always wanted.

Call Lawn Doctor of Frederick today at 301.371.5966 to find out more about the difference we can make in your lawn and to book a free consultation. Beyond Frederick, MD, our lawn care services are also offered in other local communities, such as New Market, Ijamsville, Middletown, Myersville, and Walkersville.