Lawn Aeration in Frederick

before and after of lawn aeration in FrederickEven the best maintained lawns will have soil that gets compacted and thatch that builds up. When this happens, it squeezes and stresses grass roots, all while stopping nutrients, water, and other vital necessities from penetrating the soil. That’s where Lawn Doctor of Frederick can help. With our lawn aeration services, counted on by customers in Frederick, Middletown, Walkersville, Ijamsville, and other nearby MD areas, we have the equipment, expertise, and experience to cut down on thatch and ease up compaction, all to build a stronger, more vibrant lawn, guaranteed.

Lawn Doctor of Frederick: How to Tell It’s Time for Aeration

Have you ever aerated your lawn? If not, then the soil could be compacted. Also, if you have clay-based soil, then it’s far more prone to the issue than other types. Other common causes of compaction and thatch build-up include kids and pets running and playing, driving vehicles and equipment on your lawn, and heavy rain.

When you’re noticing issues such as standing water, weak or deficient-looking grass, and more weeds and diseases than usual, it’s important to test for compaction. One easy way is to try and stick something sharp, like a screwdriver or pencil, into the soil. When soil is well-aerated, it will slide right in. If it doesn’t, then your soil is probably compacted.

When that’s the case, you can rent an aerator and take care of the job yourself, or you can save time and hassle and let the lawn aeration specialists at Lawn Doctor of Frederick get the job done.

Lawn Aeration: The Benefits of Using Our Local Team in Frederick

At Lawn Doctor of Frederick, we use a process called core aeration, which punches out plugs of soil several inches deep around your lawn to enable more air, nutrients, and water to flow into the root zone. As a result, you can expect:

  • Heartier, deeper-growing roots
  • More efficient fertilizer usage
  • Better resistance to weeds, pests, and diseases
  • Enhanced tolerance to drought and heat
  • A healthier lawn

In addition, the plugs left behind by the lawn aeration process decompose on your yard in Frederick and send out microbes as they do. These microscopic animals then consume the surface thatch on your lawn, reducing it so more key essentials can get absorbed.

Beyond performing lawn aeration, you can count on Lawn Doctor of Frederick for timing the job right, depending on your grass type. Aeration should occur just before peak growth, so grass can quickly grow in and fill out aeration holes. In addition, if you’d like to build turf density and produce a fuller lawn, we can seed your lawn after we aerate.

Lawn Doctor of Frederick MD offers free estimates on lawn aeration to local customers all over Frederick, New Market, Myersville, Middletown, Walkersville, Ijamsville, and other nearby areas. Contact our team today at (301) 371-5966 to set up yours.