Overseeding in Fort Collins, CO

lawn overseeding differenceIf your once lush, green lawn has become thin and worn out, it may be time to Overseed.

Why Use an Overseeding Service?

A dense lawn is the optimal way to defend naturally against insects, disease, and weeds.

Let us bring your lawn back to life with custom Aeration & Overseeding from Northern Colorado’s leading experts in lawn care.

Lawns that would benefit from Overseeding include:

  • Mature landscapes with older grass varieties.
  • Lawns that have become shaded over time.
  • Lawns severely damaged by; drought, pests, disease, or dog “spots.”
  • Over- used landscapes with brown or dead patches.

overseeding lawn in fort collinsWhat You Can Expect from Aeration & Overseeding

Our highly trained lawn technicians will help you re-build the density & health of your turf by:

  1. Using a Core Aeration machine to thoroughly prepare a bed for optimal ‘soil to seed’ contact.
  2. Evenly spreading locally custom blended & certified seed cultivated to naturally defend against insects, disease, & weeds.
  3. Providing detailed watering instructions for maximum germination.

*Germination typically occurs 14-21 days after service, if watering instructions are strictly followed*

When is the Best Time of Year to Overseed?

Fall overseedingThe ideal time to overseed a Northern Colorado lawn is Late Summer – Early Autumn.

The benefits of Fall Overseeding:

  • Warm days
  • Cool nights
  • Excess rainfall
  • Less broadleaf weed competition

*Overseeding also available in Spring, however mid-August- mid-September is recommended.*

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