Lawn Mower Maintenance

In Northern Colorado our mowing season lasts up to 7 months giving your mower quite the workout.  Don’t let a poorly functioning lawn mower make yard work harder than it should be.  Call now to schedule your FREE PICK-UP & DELIVERY.

Why should I tune-up my lawn mower?

  • A dull mower blade cuts inconsistently causing brown spots or even dead areas in your lawn.
  • An unbalanced blade makes the handle vibrate, stressing your hands/arms as you mow.
  • A failing spark plug makes it difficult to start the mower straining your back from over pulling.
  • Regular maintenance increases the longevity of the machine, saving you time & money.

Lawn Mower Maintenance Includes:

  • Blade Sharpen & Balance
  • Oil Change
  • Spark Plug Replacement
  • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Fuel System Winterization
  • Clean & Wax
  • & FREE Pick-Up & Delivery!

  • *Lawn Mower Maintenance Available November-February
  • *Walk Behind Mowers Only
  • *Must Start At Time of Pick-Up.
  • *Additional Parts/Services May Apply With Customer Confirmation Only.

Call now to schedule your pick-up!