Lawn Fertilization in Westport

Pretty Woman playing with cute puppy on manicured green grass after Lawn Doctor providing Lawn Fertilization in Westport

South Coast Massachusetts and Rhode Island lawns need consistent access to nutrients to stay healthy and producing consistent growth through the seasons. Fertilization’s job is to supply these nutrients. Fertilization treatments are a common step in the lawn care process, but they’re tough to get right without assistance from the experts. At Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, we use proven strategies and advanced products to bring dependable lawn fertilization to our neighbors throughout Westport and the surrounding areas.

How Different Lawn Fertilization Products Affect Your Yard

As different conditions pop up in your yard from season to season, it can require different types of fertilizer to address them. An understanding of how different fertilizer products affect your yard is crucial to helping it overcome threats and other challenges that appear throughout the year. Here’s a quick overview of some different fertilizers and their roles in your lawn’s maintenance:

Liquid Fertilizers. To give your yard nutrients quickly, liquid fertilizers are a great option. Liquid fertilizers release all their nutrients at once, giving your yard a fast-acting nutrient boost and sparking new growth. The rapid-release nature of liquid fertilizers makes them great for lawns that are in dire need of nutrients.

Granulated Fertilizers. For a more long-term approach, granulated fertilizers are ideal. This type of fertilizer releases slowly, providing your yard with a consistent, long-lasting source of nutrients to keep it growing through the seasons. Granulated fertilizers are also great for establishing ongoing treatment plans.

Synthetic Fertilizers. Synthetic fertilizers are often more concentrated with nutrients than their organic counterpart, making them great for maintaining your lawn’s health in as few treatments as possible. These fertilizers are also relatively fast acting and able to be rapidly absorbed by your grass and the other plants in your lawn.

Professional Lawn Fertilization for Westport Residents

Working with our team at Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island means getting lawn fertilization treatments you can trust. We get great results year after year by utilizing our industry expertise, our top-of-the-line fertilizers, and our proprietary fertilization equipment. We also offer one of the strongest service guarantees around to keep your yard healthy without the risks of DIY fertilization.

We offer our professional lawn fertilization to our neighbors in the South Coast, Massachusetts communities and in Rhode Island from Westerly to Woonsocket, the East Bay and West Bay communities and Aquidneck Island.

To get started with our lawn fertilization in Westport or any other community in our service area, contact us today!