Lawn Aeration in Westport

extremely green grass made healthier through Lawn Aeration in Westport.

Compacted soil is one of the most common problems that pop up in Southcoast Massachusetts & Rhode Island area lawns, and it’s one that also often gets overlooked. When the soil in your lawn compresses, it can lead to several issues that cause a sharp decline in your yard’s overall health. The only way to combat compacted soil is with an effective aeration service. At Lawn Doctor of Rhode Island, we utilize lawn aeration to be proactive with combating compacted lawns located in Westport and our other service areas of Southcoast Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

The Advantages of Regular Lawn Aeration

There are several benefits that come with regularly aerating your soil, especially increasing the flow of oxygen, water and nutrients to your lawn’s root system. One of the biggest benefits that comes with aerating your home’s outdoor areas on a regular basis is the fact that it boosts the effectiveness of your fertilization and seeding efforts. Seasonal fertilization and fall seeding are both important steps in your lawn’s long-term maintenance, but they’re both made less effective when your soil is compacted. This compression prevents nutrients, water, and oxygen from circulating under the surface of your lawn, and in turn preventing new growth. Aeration helps to reduce soil compaction and break up the thatch layer to improve the circulation of these essential elements and keep your yard looking its best.

How Professional Lawn Aeration Keeps Westport Lawns Healthy

Aerating your lawn on your own can be very strenuous work with rented equipment. Using our heavy-duty core aerators, we’ll bring you lasting results. This equipment removes evenly-spaced soil cores from your lawn, providing relief from compacted soil and the issues that come with it.

We offer our professional lawn aeration solutions to our neighbors in Westport and throughout the Southcoast communities as well as Rhode Island.

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