Lawn Fertilization from Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington

lawn fertilization DurangoYour lawn requires key nutrients – like nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium – in order to thrive. But beyond feeding your lawn, you also need to create a fertilization schedule that allows your lawn to get the right blend of these nutrients, in the right amounts, at the right times. Sound complicated? It doesn’t have to be with lawn fertilization services from Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington. In fact, we make it easy.

Why Fertilize Your Lawn?

Have you ever looked at someone else’s lawn and wondered: How did they get it so green? Chances are it’s through fertilization. Not only will lawn fertilization provide important nutrients to your lawn, but it also enables your grass to become more resistant to stress. This means fertilization can protect your lawn from challenging environmental conditions, such as drought, pests and insects, and diseases. It will also help your lawn grow faster, stronger, and thicker, as well as achieve a healthy, green luster.

Custom Lawn Fertilization Plans for Durango Homeowners

At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, we know how to provide proper lawn fertilization for a wide range of grass species, as well as for a variety of environmental factors. Dealing with low soil moisture? Battling aggressive weeds? Can’t get rid of brown or yellowing spots? We have the answers. After we conduct a free evaluation of your lawn, we’ll create a customized lawn fertilization plan that provides your lawn with everything it needs, when it needs it, producing vibrant and vigorous results.

Our Fertilization Programs & Services

Beyond extensive lawn fertilization expertise, we also use the highest quality materials and proprietary equipment – made right here in the U.S.A. At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, our fertilization products and services include:

  • Nutrient-enriched Fertilizers. We’ll put fertilizers packed full of nitrogen and other essential nutrients to work in your lawn.
  • Slow-release Fertilization. The nutrients in our fertilizers are released slowly over time to provide consistent growth.
  • Turf Tamer®. Through Lawn Doctor’s exclusive and effective Turf Tamer maintenance equipment, we can make sure every square inch of your yard is properly fertilized.
  • Lawn Maintainer. This program provides year-round care that helps keep your lawn healthy and beautiful no matter the season.

At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, we provide lawn fertilization services to customers in Durango, CO, Farmington, NM, Bloomfield, NM, Aztec, NM, and Bayfield, CO – helping them achieve healthier, greener lawns. And we can help you too! Just call us today at 970.422.2171 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.