Weed Control from Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington

Close up of blades of lawn weed control grassAre you noticing dandelions popping up in your otherwise pristine yard? Is crabgrass taking over your carefully manicured lawn? Whatever your weed problems, we can help you fight them. At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, we provide weed control services that deliver the right blend of applications, at the best times of the year. Our strategic and proven approach gives you the greatest chance of controlling weeds, helping your lawn to always look its best.

How We Control Weeds in Your Yard

Throughout North America, some of the most common weeds include crabgrass, thistle, dandelion, and creeping Charlie. Whatever weeds you’re trying to control in your lawn, we have the expertise and proven products to help – all without damaging your grass. Here’s how we do it:

  • Our approach starts with an assessment of your lawn and the weeds taking root. We’re experienced in dealing with hundreds of different weed species and understand the types of environmental factors – such as local Durango weather and soil health – that can be causing weeds to grow out of control.
  • Once we know your lawn inside and out, we can develop a custom weed control plan that is just right for your lawn’s needs.
  • Our process includes treating existing weeds in your yard as well as providing pre-emergent weed control, which stops weeds from sprouting.
  • Once weeds are suppressed, we can provide total, year-round lawn care that prevents weeds from taking over again and keeps your lawn looking great.

Why We’re Durango’s Trusted Weed Control Specialists

At Lawn Doctor of Durango-Farmington, we’re local lawn care experts. That means we live and work here – and know the exact kinds of weather and growing conditions, soil types, and pest and weed problems that can prevent a healthy lawn from flourishing. As a result, we can deliver more effective, location-specific weed control services to our Durango area customers.

We Guarantee Our Services

Our first priority is our customers. That’s why we offer the Lawn Doctor guarantee. If our services don’t produce the results you’re after, let us know. We promise to make it right by returning to re-apply the application or refunding the full cost of your last application.

At Lawn Doctor, we proudly provide weed control services to customers in Durango, CO, Farmington, NM, Bayfield, CO, Aztec, NM, and Bloomfield, NM. If you live in one of these areas and would like to schedule a free consultation to learn more, call us today at 970.422.2171.