Grub Control in the Palm Harbor Area

manicured lawn with grub control services Got grubs? They’re not a pleasant problem to have. Grubs, also known as beetle larvae, infest your soil and feed on grass roots. This, in turn, weakens your lawn and makes it more susceptible to weeds, insects, and disease. What can you do? Get help from the Palm Harbor area’s grub control experts at Lawn Doctor of Upper Tampa Bay. We can take action that not only stops grubs in their tracks and minimizes damage, but also prevents future infestations from occurring.

Signs Your Lawn Has Grubs

Dead and brown spots are often one of the first indications your lawn has grubs. This is because grubs feed on roots, causing damage that prevents your grass from absorbing enough water and nutrients. Grass eventually starts dying out as a result. Some other signs Palm Harbor area homeowners can look for that indicate a grub control problem include:
  • Turf that feels spongy when you walk on it
  • Thinning grass, despite adequate watering and fertilizer
  • Brown patches that don’t turn green, even as temperatures start to rise
  • Small critters, like birds and raccoons (which feed on grubs), tearing up your lawn
You can also perform a simple test to check for grubs. Just find a brown or dead patch in your lawn and try to roll it up like a carpet. If it comes up easily – and you can see root damage, or no roots at all – your lawn has a grub infestation.

How to Get Grubs Under Control

As the Palm Harbor area’s lawn care specialists, we can get grubs under control fast, reducing populations before they can cause major damage. Our Curative Grub Control Application provides immediate treatment, while our Grub Prevention program offers long-term, residual protection against grubs and other sub-surface insects. If grubs have done serious damage to your lawn already, we can help there too with a variety of turf care services to give your lawn the boost it needs. Keep your yard healthy and grub-free with Lawn Doctor of Upper Tampa Bay.

Help from the Palm Harbor Area’s Grub Control Experts

Call in Lawn Doctor of Upper Tampa Bay at 727.797.3639 to schedule your free consultation. We provide grub control services to homeowners in the Palm Harbor area as well as in Clearwater, Belleair, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs, East Lake, West Chase, Trinity, Odessa, and the surrounding Upper Tampa Bay.