Tick Control in Bolingbrook

puppy with tick control armour
You want your kids and pets to be able to play in your yard without worry. That’s tough when it’s tick season. These dangerous insects carry a host of illnesses and can infect your loved ones in a single bite. The good news is that you can ensure your family is well protected with tick control services from Bolingbrook, IL’s experts: Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook-Plainfield.

In fact, we have an exclusive program specially designed for the control of these tiny insects: Yard Armour® Tick Control. With it, we’ll not only get existing populations under control and suppressed in your yard, but we’ll also keep them from coming back and re-invading. It’s how you and your friends, family and neighbors can enjoy your lawn without worry.

Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook-Plainfield’s Tick Control Solutions

Ticks are tricky insects. And often, a one-time spray simply doesn’t work to control them. Rather, regular, ongoing sprays are most effective when it comes to suppressing populations in your lawn. With tick control from Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook-Plainfield, we’ll take care of the scheduling, the treatment applications, and the monitoring – so you can simply focus on your family.

We can offer you protection through the following three stages:

Control. With Yard Amour Tick Control, our applications target ticks where they breed, getting them under control in breeding and nesting areas. This not only reduces adult populations, but developing ones as well, reducing the number of ticks you’ll see in your lawn.

Prevention. Once ticks are under control, we’ll keep it that way with our prevention services. We’ll time our treatment applications to ensure we’re targeting ticks during key stages of development. Likewise, we’ll offer you proven recommendations for what you can do as a homeowner to keep ticks out of your yard. This includes cutting back trees, shrubs and other foliage where ticks like to hide. It also includes keeping your lawn cut to the correct height and getting rid of standing piles of weeds.

Yard Armour Tick Control PlansMaintenance. With Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook-Plainfield’s Yard Amour Tick Control program well underway, we’ll make regular visits to your property to monitor tick populations. Our goal is to ensure our services are keeping ticks under control and that your lawn – and your loved ones – are safe.

If, however, you’re not happy with our results, simply give us a call. At Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook-Plainfield, we offer the industry’s strongest guarantee on our tick control services. That means if you’re not 100% satisfied, we’ll refund the cost of your last treatment or return to re-apply it at no charge.

Ready to say good-bye to invading pests in your backyard? Call in the tick control specialists at Lawn Doctor of Bolingbrook-Plainfield today at 630.685.2884. Our tick control services are available to homeowners in Bolingbrook and Plainfield, as well as Romeoville and Lemont, IL.