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Winter Lawn Care With Lawn Doctor

Posted on December 2, 2014 by Lawn Doctor

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If you want to have a great lawn in the spring, you can get ready now by doing these preparation tips to prepare your lawn for the winter. Here are some things you should do now to get your lawn ready for the winter: Get your lawn mower equipment winterized As many of you know it is important to have your car winterized. Well, it is important to do the same with your lawn mowing equipment as well – regular maintenance is key to making sure that the equipment continues to run smoothly. This includes sharpening the blades, changing the oil, cleaning the air filter, changing spark plugs, and doing other maintenance issues to make sure that your lawn mowing equipment will run well for years to come. Aerate your lawn Lawn aeration – the process of removing plugs of soil from your lawn to alleviate compacted soil– can help your lawn ‘breathe” in the fall and winter.  Your lawn will also get the nutrients and moisture it needs for that nice fall appearance.  Prepare your lawn for winter to help reduce thatch and improve water absorption. Power Seeding Now is also a great time to seed your lawn. Re-seeding your lawn ensures proper germination and helps restore your lawn to a healthy state for next year.  The fall season provides excellent weather to establish your new grass plants as well as thicken the existing lawn. Remove leaves While piles of fall leaves look very fun to jump around in, the fact is that having tons of leaves on your lawn will keep the grass from breathing in the winter. Instead, make sure you have the yard raked regularly, to keep the leaves off. pH balancing Your local Lawn Doctor professional can make sure that your lawn’s pH balance is in sync, and at the correct levels. If it is not, it can result in problems for your lawn where the pH level is either too acidic (low) or alkaline (high). Prune your trees and shrubs
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After the fall leaves have come off the trees, you should get your trees and shrubs pruned in the winter. Pruning your trees promotes healthy growth during the winter. It is important to pay attention to trees and shrubs since lacking just one nutrient could result in the death of your plants. For safety measures, prune on dry days to prevent pathogens in fresh wounds due to moisture. You don’t want to have branches that were about to fall off your tree come off during a big storm, after all. By following these tips, you could have your lawn ready for a beautiful spring. Contact your Lawn Doctor professional to learn more about the various services available for winter lawn care.

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