The Importance of Proper Mowing Height for Lawns

Warm weather means it is time to start mowing your lawn. Since spring temperatures have less of a heat wave, wearing protective clothing will be comfortable as you mow your lawn.

Proper mowing practices are extremely critical to maintain a healthy, green lawn. One of the most important practices is mowing your lawn at the correct mowing heights. Below are some tips on proper mowing heights for lawns.

  • Cool season lawns should be mowed with 3 inches left in height
  • Warm season lawns should be mowed with 2 inches left in height
  • Do not remove more than 1/3 of the lawn height with each cut
  • Mowing at the correct height encourages root growth
  • Low mowing heights can increase weed infestations by allowing more light to the soil surface
  • Low mowing or scalping reduces root growth and affects the overall vigor of the lawn
  • Grass maintained at the proper height requires less water
  • When mowing your lawn, be sure the blade is sharp. Dull blades can shred the leaf tips and increase the chances of lawn disease
  • You may leave grass clippings to help restore and recycle nutrients to your lawn

For more tips on lawn mowing practices, check out this Lawn Mowing video by the experts at Lawn Doctor:

To learn more about Lawn Doctor’s lawn mower servicing programs or other lawn care services offered, contact your local Lawn Doctor for more information.

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