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Do You Know What’s in Your Soil?

Posted on October 13, 2015 by Lawn Doctor

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When looking at your lawn, do you ever think about what’s below the surface? The quality of your landscape’s soil directly affects the quality of your lawn, and if you’re dealing with discolored, damaged, or dead grass and plants, your soil may not be up to snuff.

Soil consists of four main elements – mineral matter, organic matter, air, and water – as well as the associated living elements such as bacteria, animals and plants. Nearly half of the composition consists of minerals sand, silt and clay, while air and water fill the soil pore space. Organic material such as decaying organisms make up approximately five percent of your soil’s overall composition. The quality and balance of each of these elements plays an important role in the overall health of your lawn and if anyone is out of balance, your entire landscape can suffer.

The ground around your home can be subjected to a significant amount of stress. From weather, construction, or even poor quality lawn care, your soil can take a beating, preventing it from producing a lush and vibrant landscape. In an effort to boost the health of your lawn’s foundation, soil enrichment procedures can help by adding organic supplements and other microbes to your fertilization efforts.

If you’re ready to enrich your lawn’s soil, it might be time to contact your local Lawn Doctor and find out the benefits of soil enrichment procedures, including:

  • Improved soil health: By supplementing the organic material of your soil with nitrogen, and microbes, soil enrichment can help add to the vitality of your topsoil and release nutrients that are in the soil.
  • Improved soil structure: The healthier the elements of your soil, the stronger it will be to support rich and full grass. Water retention is improved as well to stimulate deeper root systems that allow for healthier plants.
  • Improved resilience: The more mineral rich your soil is, the better chance it has to withstand seasonal abuse. By having a Lawn Doctor professional conduct soil enrichment treatment just twice a year, your lawn can stay healthy during the frigid cold and sweltering heat.

The quality of your lawn is an indication of the quality of your soil. If you’re ready to enrich your landscape and better prepare it for all seasons warm or cold, contact your local Lawn Doctor and ask about our soil enrichment program.

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