Mosquito Control Services for Ankeny

Yard Armour Mosquito Control AnkenyWhen mosquitoes are constantly patrolling your Ankeny-area lawn, it can be difficult to enjoy it. In addition to filling your arms, legs and ankles with itchy bites, mosquitoes can carry a wide variety of airborne illnesses, including West Nile and Yellow Fever, which can cause serious illness and even death. Make your lawn less hazardous and more enjoyable with the proven mosquito control services offered by Lawn Doctor of Central Iowa. Our company provides complete short and long-term treatments to help homeowners in the Ankeny, Fort Dodge, Ames, Urbandale, Altoona, and Des Moines, IA areas take back control of their yards from these dangerous invaders.

Our Mosquito Control Process

mosquito treated by mosquito control in AnkenyAn out-of-hand mosquito population buzzing around your yard can quickly ruin any upcoming outdoor events. We employ a unique approach to mosquito control to address both current and future mosquito populations to keep your lawn clear and safe. Here is a quick look at the different aspects of treatment we focus on when implementing our mosquito control services in Ankeny:

1. Prevention

A mosquito problem that doesn’t exist is the easiest to treat. Getting an early start on dealing with this season’s mosquitoes can keep your lawn from becoming a hazard zone. During this phase, we’ll sit down with you to discuss effective strategies and offer key insights on how to keep your lawn from becoming a mosquito breeding ground.

2. Control

If your lawn already has a booming mosquito population, we’ll utilize our cutting-edge products to address it. With these effective treatments, we’ll take care of your current mosquito infestation and place a protective barrier around your yard to prevent future invasions.

3. Maintenance

To keep your lawn’s defenses high against invading mosquitoes, we’ll return on a pre-determined schedule to apply follow up treatments. These maintenance applications will help to keep your lawn clear through the seasons for a safer, more enjoyable outdoor area.

Guaranteed Mosquito Control Services for Ankeny Homeowners

Our service guarantee is the cornerstone of our treatment list. We’re committed to providing our Ankeny-area customers with peace of mind within our care, and our comprehensive guarantee allows us to do just that. With your mosquito control, as well as your other lawn care services protected, you can rest assured that your lawn is in good hands.

Give Lawn Doctor of Central Iowa a call today at (515) 302-8463 to learn more about our mosquito control services and set up your free consultation. We provide a full list of services is to homeowners all over Ankeny, Fort Dodge, Ames, Urbandale, Altoona, Des Moines and the surrounding communities.