Lawn Aeration in Ankeny

Lawn aeration is a simple-but-necessary maintenance task that is often overlooked. Compacted soil can wreak havoc on even the healthiest lawns and spark a steady decline in health. When your lawn’s soil is packed too tightly, the nutrients and essential elements your plants need to grow aren’t able to circulate. Compacted soil also has a negative effect on root development, as the tightly packed earth can’t expand to allow for growth. At Lawn Doctor of Central Iowa, we provide home and business owners in the Ankeny, Ames, Fort Dodge, Altoona, Urbandale and Des Moines, IA areas with our trusted lawn aeration service to reinstate healthy circulation and get area lawns back on track to consistent growth.

When Your Lawn Needs Aeration

There are several telltale signs that can indicate that your lawn needs to be aerated. Here are a few common characteristics of lawns that have compacted soil and require lawn aeration:

  • Your lawn has clay soil that has not been recently aerated
  • Puddles form on your lawn during rainfall
  • Your lawn is experiencing stunted or stopped grass growth
  • Vehicles are frequently parked on your grass
  • Your lawn is frequently used for outdoor entertaining or sports
  • There is excessive thatch in your lawn’s upper layers

If your lawn can be described by any of the above characteristics, aeration will be a crucial step in its path to recovery. Lawn aerators can be bulky and cumbersome to operate, not to mention expensive to rent. When you choose the lawn aeration service offered by our team at Lawn Doctor of Central Iowa, you avoid all of the hassles of renting and operating an aerator while achieving professional-quality results.

How Lawn Aeration Helps Ankeny Lawns

The plants in your lawn require the constant circulation of heat, water, oxygen and nutrients to grow and fight off external threats like weeds, lawn diseases and seasonal transitions. Compacted soil stops this circulation. When we aerate your lawn, we remove strategic sections of soil to allow water, heat and oxygen to more readily permeate the surface, while simultaneously allowing nutrients to freely circulate again.

Call Lawn Doctor of Central Iowa today at (515) 302-8463 to learn more about our aeration service and to schedule your free lawn evaluation. We offer our comprehensive lawn aeration service to our neighboring home and business owners spanning Ankeny, Ames, Fort Dodge, Altoona, Urbandale, Des Moines and the surrounding communities.