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Using Lawn Doctor’s West Virginia Lawn Care Service Leads to a Healthy Lawn

Why are our Lawn Doctor’s West Virginia lawn services important to you? When you get done at the end of the day, you want to relax at home and not have to worry about working on your lawn. With our West Virginia lawn care services, you can rest easy, knowing that our Lawn Doctor professionals will do the work to help make your lawn look great. We work with all types of grasses that are common in West Virginia, from cool season grasses like Kentucky bluegrass, fine and tall fescues and ryegrass, to warm season grasses like Meyer-Zoysia and Bermuda grass. No matter what type of lawn you have, we can help. In fact, our West Virginia lawn care experts can make your lawn look better, greener and healthier than it did last year. Your West Virginia neighbors will wonder if you have a green thumb!

Our West Virginia Lawn Services:

What Our West Virginia Lawn Care Maintainer Program Has to Offer

While Lawn Doctor’s West Virginia lawn care professionals can have your lawn looking better after just one application, we can also help you achieve ongoing perfection with your lawn. This means using our West Virginia Lawn Care Maintainer program. This is not a cookie-cutter approach to your lawn. Instead, you will notice that we work with the specific needs for your yard when it comes to lawn care. We will tailor a specific lawn care program to fit your needs. Because of this, the types of applications and times involved can vary, but generally speaking, a typical lawn in West Virginia will need between four and six of our lawn care applications each year.

How Turf Tamer® Tames West Virginia Lawns

One of the things that sets Lawn Doctor apart is our Turf Tamer® lawn equipment. This exclusive equipment works very efficiently at applying fertilizer to every inch of your West Virginia lawn, making your lawn look lush and green. What’s even better is that you do not have to be at home when we use the Turf Tamer® equipment. Instead of spending your precious free time on your lawn, you can be spending it with your family or enjoying your hobbies and interests.

We know that each lawn in West Virginia has individual needs, which is why our Lawn Doctor professionals have Custom Services to help. No matter what issues your lawn has with weeds, disease, pests, or something else, we will find you the right service program for your West Virginia lawn.

Our Lawn Doctor Guarantee for West Virginia

Each and every West Virginia lawn care application also comes with Our Guarantee: That means that if any one of our West Virginia lawn service applications does not help achieve the results you want, simply let us know.  As your West Virginia Lawn Doctor, we will either comeback to reapply a lawn care service or treatment, or give you your money back. Either way, we will make it right.

So why not contact us today for your FREE Lawn Care Service Evaluation by calling Lawn Doctor for Local Lawn Care at 1.800.845.0580 to learn more about our West Virginia lawn services.