Turf Tamer® Lawn Seeding from Lawn Doctor of Wayne

Lawn-Doctor-Power-SeedingWhether you’re seeding a new property, trying to salvage damaged grass, or re-seeding a lawn that was originally seeded with the wrong mixture of grass, you want to be sure your lawn seeding services are done properly. After all, a poorly seeded lawn usually takes more than a year to correct and costs twice as much as a single seeding treatment. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, our lawn seeding experts get seeding right the first time. We can help you choose the right mixture of grass for your lawn and plant new seeds using our exclusive Turf Tamer lawn seeding equipment.

Wayne’s Lawn Seeding Specialists

At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, we take pride in providing Wayne-area homeowners with the expertise they need for greener, healthier lawns. That extends to our lawn seeding services. When you choose lawn seeding from Lawn Doctor of Wayne, we help you choose the right mixture of grass for your lawn. Our expert knowledge of different grass species, soil types, and the Pennsylvania climate have helped countless Wayne homeowners select the right mix of grass for lawn seeding.

The Turf Tamer® Advantage

Lawn seeding from Lawn Doctor of Wayne involves the use of our Turf Tamer power seeding equipment. Turf Tamer equipment is American-designed, American-manufactured, and can only be found when you call Lawn Doctor. Turf Tamer offers three distinct advantages when seeding your lawn:

  • Seed-to-Soil Contact. Turf Tamer’s reciprocating action ensures stronger seed-to-soil contact than other methods, like hydroseeding. Seed-to-soil contact is essential for seeds to flourish.
  • Even Coverage. This system uses ground-metered technology to ensure that seeds area applied evenly, making sure you see no clumpy or sparse areas.
  • Low-Impact Application. Turf Tamer is designed to minimize any damage done to existing grass when seeding is performed.

Combining Lawn Seeding & Aeration

If your lawn’s soil is compacted or suffers from thatch buildup, new seeds cannot get the air they need in order to take root and sprout. That’s why many homeowners choose to co-ordinate lawn seeding and lawn aeration services. The experts at Lawn Doctor of Wayne will happily test your lawn to see if it needs aerating and can help you combine aeration with your lawn seeding services.

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Our services are available throughout Wayne and nearby communities, including Radnor, Newtown Square, Malvern, Paoli, Devon, Lansdale, Havertown, and Pottstown.

To learn more about our lawn seeding services or to get a free estimate, call Lawn Doctor of Wayne at 610-497-2220 today.

Lawn Doctor’s lawn aeration can help prevent these issues and make sure your lawn continues to flourish year round.