Lawn Seeding in Havertown

Turf Tamer® Lawn Seeding for Havertown

When seeding your lawn, it’s important that your seeding is handled by experienced professionals. Most grass species see best results when seeding is done at a certain time of year, so a poorly seeded lawn can take more than twelve months to correct. For Havertown area homeowners, the choice for trustworthy lawn seeding is clear. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, we’ve been helping Havertown residents with their lawn seeding needs for years, offering high-quality seeding services and expert knowledge about the best types of grass for the Pennsylvania climate.

Havertown’s Lawn Seeding Experts

High-quality seeding starts with choosing the right grass mixture for your lawn. Different species of grass respond differently depending on the climate. Choosing the wrong species can lead to poor color and thin growth, or might mean higher expenses on fertilization in the future. At Lawn Doctor of Wayne, our lawn seeding experts are happy to help you choose the right mixture of grass seed when seeding your lawn. Our years of lawn care experience and our close knowledge of Havertown-area growing conditions will be invaluable as you choose your seed mixture.

Lawn Seeding with Turf Tamer

Lawn Doctor of Havertown lawn seeding services are performed with our exclusive line of Turf Tamer power seeding equipment. Turf Tamer is an American-designed and American-made line of lawn care equipment that delivers three distinct advantages when seeding your lawn:

  • Strong Seed-to-Soil Contact. Turf Tamer maximizes the amount of seeds with strong contact between seed surface and soil, improving each seed’s chances of taking root.
  • Even Coverage. Our equipment is carefully calibrated for even seed distribution, which prevents the thin and/or clumpy areas often seen with DIY seeding.
  • NonDamaging Application. Turf Tamer prevents damage to existing turf when re-seeding your lawn.

Combining Lawn Seeding & Aeration

Often, Havertown homeowners will choose to combine their lawn seeding services with core aeration. This improves soil airflow and increases the chances for healthy growth. Speak with a lawn seeding expert from Lawn Doctor of Wayne if you are interested in combining lawn seeding with lawn aeration, and we’ll help ensure these two services are properly coordinated.

Partner with Havertown’s Lawn Seeding Experts Today

In addition to Havertown, Lawn Doctor of Wayne offers lawn seeding services to areas like Drexel Hill, Upper Darby, Yeadon, Lansdowne, Lansdale, Pottstown, and Wayne.

For your lawn seeding needs, call Havertown’s lawn care experts at 610-497-2220 today.